Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Jar of Good Things, and a Belated Happy New Year!

*Looks around*
*Pretends not to see you*
*"Notices" you*
*Pretends to be surprised*
Oh, heyyyy! Long time no see! Well, maybe not THAT long, but it's definitely been longer than normal. Or maybe you didn't notice my absence, in which case . . . uh, forget I said anything. I totally never stopped being scheduled and consistent . . . . Ha ha . . . ha . . . ha.


So, Happy New Year, everyone! I hope your 2015 was awesome, and your 2016 is awesomer. Have you made your resolutions?

. . . . Have you broken them already?

Me, I don't make resolutions, and for that very reason. They're too easy to break, and it's too easy to get discouraged and frustrated. So instead, I started doing the Jar of Good Things, an idea that I picked up from . . . someone else on the internet, I forget who. So, sorry to the originator of this idea. It's a good idea, very good. I wish I could give you credit. Alas.

But, to continue my story:

The Jar of Good things is something you can do in lieu of, or in addition to, a resolution. Basically, you get a jar, and anytime anything good or nice or fun happens, you write it on a slip of paper and throw it in the jar. Then, at the end of the year, you get to look back at all the awesome stuff that happened, instead of looking back at, "Oh yeah, I meant to do that thing and I didn't." Unless you forget to write stuff down and put it in the jar, in which case . . . you'll still be looking back saying "whoops."


Well anyway, I did the Jar this year, and I thought I'd share some highlights. Okay? Okay.

First off, I put a grand total of an even 100 slips of paper in my jar. That's like, one good thing every not-quite-four days, or something. Idk, math is not my strong suit. But regardless, that's lots of good stuff happening! Here's the breakdown, because I like lists.

January - 13
February - 7
March - 4
April - 9
May - 7
June - 7
July - 10
August - 15
September - 13
October - 4
November - 2
December - 9

each slip of paper from my jar

Things really picked up in August, wow. November was uneventful, as per usual. A good year, all around. I thought I'd share one moment from each month, just so you can get a sense of the whole thing:

Jan 8-9 thurs-fri 2015
~Had a sleepover with Lizzy! We ate chinese fried rice and pizza, I reminded her how to knit, and we downloaded Sims 3 on her laptop. We also read our favorite old Mad Libs. Hilarious!

Feb 26, thurs, 2015 
~Today was mom's 51st birthday! I made the card (as per usual) and dad made the cake. She got puzzles, two dvds she wanted, a hat, and some colorful socks. ^.^ <3

Mar 3-4 weds-thurs, 2015 
~Slept over at Lizzy's college! Awesome to see it during the week. Met Megan and some of Lizzy's other friends, saw some familiar faces, listened to Paul Henderson speak and got a picture with him, ate in the caf, hung out in the H and Tim Hortons. Had a grand old time. 5/5 stars, will go again. X)

Apr 29, wed, 2015 
~Went to a late showing of Age of Adeline with Jenna and Shaena. It was really good! Sad and sweet. I had a soft pretzel with caramel dip (so good) and m&ms!

May 2, sat, 2015 
~Went shopping with mom for baby shower gifts, and there was a carnival in the parking lot, so we rode the ferris wheel!! We also bought some flower seeds and planted them in pots, and dug 2 bushes out of the garden! And we got 3 hostas to plant later. :)

Jun 21, sun, 2015 
~Father's Day! We gave dad a card (mine), a Star Trek hat (Ian's), a photo mug, a frame with the word DAD containing Chris', Ian's, and my pictures, and Pathfinders: Rise of the Runelords adventure card game (mom's). He was quite happy. :)

Jul 5, sun, 2015 
~After a sombre (but good) service, the college&career met in the Well, to talk, pray, and eat. Then most of us met at Seth's parents cottege, so we wouldn't have to be alone. Went boating on the lake. Lizzy came back to my house and we watched Warehouse 13 season 1 episode 1.

Aug 28, fri, 2015 
~Jenna came over and we played CoD: Black Ops 2, and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawns, and went for a walk!

Sep 18, Fri, 2015 
~Mom, Ian and I went to see Jacob & Adam's band. It was very loud in the event hall, but they were SUPER good! Got hugs, bought a t-shirt each (well, not mom), got stickers and a music download card.

Oct 2-4, fri-sun, 2015 
~C&C retreat! Drove up with Eric, Lizzy, Caleb, and Mak. Me, Lizzy, and Mak actually got a room! We also consumed a giant bag of candy corn. Me and Lizzy teamed up against Mel, Katie, and Nathan in Dutch Blitz. We won. ^.^ Fun times were had by all.

Nov 15-16 Sun-mon, 2015 
~Slept over at Lizzy's college for her birthday! Hung out, had a skype party with James and his friend Brian, then went out to dinner at a chinese restaurant with Eric, Matt, Holly, and Lindsey. So much fun, and the waitress/hostess was awesome. Gave Lizzy a cat onesie, which she loves.

Dec 17, thurs, 2015 
~We had supper at Mohsen & Mina's tonight! Pans of chicken, vegetables, & potatoes, salad with almost-sweet salad dressing, Iranian-style rice, Turkish-style soup, and crispy rice with potatoes. So. Good. Then we talked, and looked at their wedding album, and pictures from their trip to Turkey. Also had homegrown pistachios and Romanian-style cookies made with honey. :)

Also, this is what our wild New Year's looked like:

Dec 31-Jan 1, Thurs-Fri, 2015-2016
~Had a sleepover with Lizzy to ring in the New Year. Watched the Mentalist, hung around in onesies, ate pizza and a large amount of snacks. Also went to see Mockingjay part 2 in theaters. It was packed in there. Packed. Good thing we got there early! It was a really good movie. Very traumatizing. :P Happy New Year!

My 2013, 2015, and 2016 Jars
Haha, so there you go! My year in brief. Perhaps you too shall attempt the Jar of Good Things! Either way, Happy belated New Year to you. <3


  1. The Mentalist is awesome! I'm forever sad that it's off the air now.

    Mockingjay 2 is traumatizing.Whyyyy!?

    I like this idea. I might have to start doing it, especially since I don't really do the resolution thing either. I'll make myself some goals (because unfortunately goals are necessary). But if I call them resolutions I'll give them a suspicious eye tell the mainstream ideals to shove off. :P

    1. I knowww! We have all the seasons, and Lizzy and I just started re-watching it. X)


      It's super fun and simple! Almost like journaling, but easier. Hehe you should give it a try! :D

  2. This is the coolest! I love how at the end of the year you end up with those uplifting memories instead of regrets about resolutions that didn't work out. Also I have I collection of old jars and this sounds like a great way to put them to use, haha!
    Thanks for sharing the idea! :)

    1. I know! Its so awesome; there's ALWAYS things that I'd forgotten about, so it's cool to be reminded of them. X)

      Np, np! You should try it! ^.^

  3. All of those things sound like so much fun. Tim Horton's, my love. Mocking Jay part 2 killed me, because Finnick. The Mentalist is perfect for any occasion. I love the Jar idea, might try it. Seems as I have already been slacking on my resolutions.

    1. ALWAYS FRESH, ALWAYS TIM HORTONS! XD I know! It was such an intense movie. o.0 And Jane is just the BEST. XD

      Hehe, let me know how it goes if you try it! :D

  4. I am so impressed that you were consistent. I tried this one year, but kind of petered off mid-way through. Instead I journal... sporadically (basically whenever something important happens, haha):P

    Hope 2016 goes just as well!

    1. Hehe, thanks! I'm always fairly impressed with myself, as well. XD

  5. i only just saw this post now and DANG GIRL I LOVE IT AND I LOVE YOUR BLOG (which i must admit i don't read as often as i should). it makes my heart SO happy to see how many of these memories i was in. also the one from July broke my heart a little bit (or a lot), but it WAS really fun going to Seth's cottage at least.

    here's to more smashingly good memories with my best friend in 2016! <3

    1. AWWWW, THANKS!! ^.^ <3 Of COURSE you're in a lot of them: you could have been in all of them. XD And yeah....Obviously, I didn't put the actual CAUSE of our get-together in my jar of GOOD things, but I had to put something in there to commemorate that period of time. The afternoon at Seth's cottage seemed like a good thing.

      2016! Woot woot! Lets do it! XD

  6. Mockingjay 2 was soooo good!

    What a lovely post. I enjoyed reading it! Happy February. May it be full of awesome jar-worthy moments :)

    1. Thank you!! I hope you have a lovely month, yourself! ^.^