Thursday, 27 August 2015

Summer Camp Writing Prompt #7

This is the last prompt for the summer, guys! Isn't that sad??? Yes. Yes it it.

This prompt ends tomorrow, August 28th. And do you know what that means?

It means you still have time to link up! Come on, do it. One last hurrah for the summer. :)

Here it is guys. The last summer 2015 prompt:

I guess I could have continued my ghost-centered story from last time, but. . . I didn't? I suppose I just like making up new stories each time. X) Enjoy!


Loo loo loo,
I'll take you dreaming
Through the rainy night,
To a place behind the raindrops,
Where the stars are bright.
You may not find gold or silver,
But a richer prize
Waits for you 
Behind the raindrops
If you close your eyes.

The song drifting through the studio speakers was soft and beautiful. A man's voice, gently crooning a lullaby. One of our clients, rushing to meet an album deadline, perhaps. Except the sound booth was empty. Well, that was fine. Someone must have accidentally left a recording playing. 

Except the power was out. A massive storm had shut down half the city.

I'd only come back to the studio because I'd forgotten some important papers I needed to work on. I was sitting at the table in the corner of the control room, trying to find them with nothing but a flashlight to help me. No one else was here this late, and certainly not in this weather. So when I heard the unfamiliar voice fill the air, my heart stalled in my throat.

Tonight, tonight,
When all the world's asleep,
We will tiptoe home 
With a wondrous star,
A star you can always keep.

My flashlight beam quavered against the sound booth window. Yep, still no one there. It had to be a prank. It would be just like Dan to pull something like this.

"Danny? That you?" my voice sounded way too loud against the muted backdrop of the rain. "We've got business to attend to, you idiot. Stop singing and help me find these papers."

A flicker beyond my flashlight caught my attention and tripled my heart rate. A shadowy figure formed in front of the microphone in the booth. A man, to match the voice. He looked to be in his mid-thirties, and was dressed in an old-fashioned suit that seemed to be from 1940 or 50. 

I couldn't believe my eyes. I had to be dreaming. Or seeing things. This definitely had to be an elaborate prank. Once the power was back on, I could figure this out. 

As I sat in frozen terror and rationalized why I shouldn't be afraid, something stirred in the back of my mind. It registered and recognized the expression on the man's transparent face; he looked sad. Lonely, even. He was gazing somewhere far away as he finished his longing lullaby.

And years from now,
When you go dreaming,
When you're very old,
Though your crown be rich with rubies,
Diamonds set in gold,
None will shine as bright
As the star we'll find

With a sigh, the figure faded away. The song was over, but it felt so . . . unfinished. I wondered if he sang that every night when no one was around. Petrified and bewildered, I stayed where I was for a long time. So long, in fact, that I was only snapped out of my haze when the early morning sun peeked through the window. 

Suddenly energized despite being up all night, I shot out of my chair and raced to my car. I broke my personal speed record and a few laws and made it home in record time. Up in my apartment, I wasted no time flipping open my laptop and searching for rumors that our recording studio was haunted. 

The man's mournful face was seared in my mind. I had to find out who he was, and what had happened to him. And, if possible, I had to find out how to help him. Because there was no way I was going to go back there while he was lurking around, floating through walls and crooning

I gave an exaggerated shiver and definitely did not entertain the thought that I might want to do something for someone else for a change. 


Also, I snagged that song from an old movie that I really like, called the Court Jester. Here it is! The song, I mean. Not the whole movie. X)


Well well, we had a good run, didn't we? Let's see, there was a story about dimensional overseers, one about old-timey spies, one about murderous underground monsters, one really ridiculous one about candy weather, one about modern-day dragons, one about ghosts, and this one about a haunted recording studio! 


And if you didn't join the prompt...: SHAME. SHAAAAAAME. *insert disapproving look*

XD Hehe! Just kidding. But you should definitely think about joining next time (you know, if Ashley does another one). Or, hey, host one yourself! You could totally do that, I just KNOW it.

Thanks for the fun linkup, Ashley! :D


  1. This needs to become a novel. SO GOOD! I was completely hooked and taken in by this story. Fabulous!!

  2. Wow that was a ride, I got properly scared, more eerie than creepy though. I enjoyed that, you are a great writer, I get pulled in every time. I agree with the previous comment, needs to be a novel. Fantastic!

    1. Eek, thanks!! XD I didn't really expect it to be creepy OR eerie, so that's super cool to know. ;) And thank you! Haha, I'll see what I can do. X)

  3. That was kind of creepy there! I would have been really freaked out. I probably wouldn't even stay. Prank or no prank. Guess I'm a big chicken.

    It is kind of sad though, about the ghost.

    Also, I love that extra tidbit you through in there are the end. About the narrator not caring to help others.

    1. Haha, I'd have been freaked out too, but I have this thing about not moving so that I don't draw the monster's attention? Lol idk, but that's why he stayed frozen there the whole night. XD

      Hehe thanks!! It just came to me when I reached the end of the story, so I was like, alright. X)