Friday, 14 August 2015

Summer Camp Writing Prompt #6

O-KAY THE DEADLINE FOR THIS IS COMING UP AND I'M UNPREPARED LETS GO QUICK BEFORE CAMP STARTS AND MY TIME IS COMMANDEERED BY CHILDREN READY SET GO (well ok, that was written like a week ago. #scheduledpostproblems? Or not? Anyway, the prompt ends today, August 14!)


"Ah, smell that greasy boardwalk food."

Al looked at Sid and raised a translucent eyebrow. "Except, we can't smell anything."

"Not true!" countered Sid, "We can smell incense, and other types of strong sweet smells. This," he stopped to smash his face into a passerby's funnel cake, which then cooled considerably, "qualifies."

Al ignored Sid and went to inspect the vendor's hut. Decorated in a gaudy tiki motif that the tourists seemed to appreciate, it peddled a surprisingly wide assortment of foods. They were all made almost entirely of chemicals, but the people sitting on the benches and at the picnic tables seemed to enjoy it anyway.

"And feel that summer sun!" Sid popped up beside Al.

 Al sighed. "Hey Sid, guess what?"


"We can't do that, either."

This time, it was Sid who ignored Al. He slid onto a bench next to a kid holding a hamburger that was dripping ketchup everywhere. "Ah, lunch. Remember when we ate real lunch?" Sid tried to bite the kid's burger, but only succeeded in falling through the burger, through the bench, and disappearing under the ground. The kid shivered with a sudden chill and moved off to find his mother.

Al waited until Sid had reappeared and was walking with him before speaking. "Firstly, this hardly qualifies as 'real' food. Secondly, we've never had lunch together. But if you mean individually, then yes, of course I remember eating lunch. And thirdly. . ." by this time, the two friends had made their way over to the shade of a large tree, where a young couple sat, blind to the world, lost in the other's lips, ". . .what's got you in such a cheerful mood today?"

Sid went to lean against the tree but started to fall backwards through it. Al grabbed a fistful of shirt and pulled him back up. Sid concentrated harder, this time succeeding in making solid contact against the trunk. He crossed his arms and grinned in self-satisfied glee. "I got seance'd yesterday."

"Really?" in a rare burst of living emotion, Al's happiness for his friend caused flowers to bloom around the tree, causing the kissing couple to exclaim in delight and attack the other's face even more. "Perrie contacted you? I thought you said she didn't believe in that stuff?"

Sid shrugged and dipped his head in a brief moment of bashfulness, "I guess she just really misses me. I've only been dead for three months, you know."

Al, who had been dead much longer than that, nodded and placed a hand on Sid's shoulder. "I know." He removed his hand and asked the most pressing question, "Did you get through?"

"A little." Sid pushed his floppy bangs out of the way, even though they were transparent like the rest of him, "That medium barely knew what she was doing, but I was able to convey an 'I love you.' I mean, I think I did. Unless the medium just said that at a guess. But either way," he shuffled his feet and looked down, "It's true."

"I'm sure Perrie knows that," Al said, even as someone several yards away caught his attention. The person was gawking excitedly in their general direction. Great. "Come on, we gotta move. Being in shadow plus exhibiting living emotions means we're more visible to seekers. We can talk down by the water where it's brighter."

The two quickly left the area while the ghost-believing beachcomber was trying to alert his friend to their presence. Yes, the man would look like a crazy person, but the two spirits were more worried about being discovered than about making the poor believer look like an idiot. It was simply safer to remain unknown.


Ok, I suppose I should point out that I don't actually believe in ghosts. This idea just presented itself to me, and I couldn't say no. X) Anyway, head on over to Ashley's blog to check out the new prompt (which, if it isn't up yet, will be up very soon, I'm sure)!


  1. Love it, I don't believe in ghosts either. Your writing was superb, I love how engaging your style was. I felt like I was walking right next to them. :)

  2. This is so interesting! And hilarious. Sid trying to eat the kid's burger. XD

    Also this part: "causing the kissing couple to. . . attack each other's face more." That made me laugh!

    1. LOL thanks! I snickered a little while writing it. X)

  3. Love it! That could so develop into a novel. Very nice take on the prompt :)

    Also, I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award!

    1. Hehe thank you!! And...thank you! X) Lol I'll do that asap! :D