Monday, 10 August 2015

Snazzy Snippets

A new writing linkup, guys! This one come from Looney Literate and The Devil Orders Takeout. Here's a snippet (lol! Guys I'm funny! No? Oh.) from the Looney Literate blog, describing the linkup:

Every two months, we post a prompt or question for you to share a snippet of less than 500 words. It’s designed to let you have fun, analyse your work on a smaller level, or just write something to join in.
Post anything, so long as it pertains to the prompt/question and is under 500 words! (We won’t kill you if it’s a bit over, of course, but we may frown.) It can be something you wrote at 3 AM the night before or a passage you’ve been slaving over for months. And of course, it has to be your own writing. Plagiarism isn’t snazzy.

  • Snippet number one: A snippet that shows your MC’s personality
  • Snipper number two: A snippet featuring the villain
  • Snippet number three: A snippet that’s mostly dialogue

You can link up here for the next month, ending on the 10th of August.

I think I shall choose to do all of the snippets, because why stop at one? Or two?

~*~*~Snippet featuring the villain~*~*~
(had to do this one first, since its chronologically first in my WIP. You may recognize part of it from my 13-13-13 tag)

As Amadan put more and more distance between himself and Rolf, he became more and more panicked. They knew. Stars help him, they knew. The Spymaster and his illegitimate brat. They’d figured it out. And Thalion? Thalion knew as well?

Amadan quickened his steps, regal poise falling away until he fairly flew down the castle halls, his feet taking him automatically to the one man he knew could help him.

He burst into the bedchamber without knocking. The distinguished silver-haired man sitting at the desk glanced up in distaste before returning to his letters. “Do control yourself, Amadan.”

“They know.” Amadan seethed.

“Who, Boros? He’s not a problem.”

“Not just him, Havenlord.” Amadan threw back the name he’d heard Boros use earlier. “What kind of title is that, anyway?”

Havenlord sighed like this whole ordeal was entirely too much for him, “Our city is a safe place. A haven. I am one of the leading lords. A little less insolence and a little more intelligence would become you, my prince.” Realizing he probably wouldn’t get any work done with Amadan around, he put down his quill and folded his hands on the desk, “Now, who or what is so upsetting to you?”

“I ran into Rolf Dae’Elen in the corridor. He knows the king has been poisoned. In fact, he said Thalion knows too. What am I going to do?” Amadan made little effort to keep the panic out of his voice.

“Of course your father knows. He’s not an idiot, however much we wish he were. We came prepared for that. As for the young Dae’Elen; if Boros isn’t a problem, why should his son be? We can take care of him when we take care of his father. It's likely we would have had to do that anyway.”

“When will this be done?” Amadan demanded, “I can’t afford to wait. What if they act on what they know?”

“Patience, young prince.” The older gentleman purred in a voice as sleek as his build, “You have only to wait until tonight. Then you won’t have to worry about them anymore.”

~*~*~Snippet that shows my MC's personality~*~*~
(I'm soooo bad at writing personalities in the first draft. And this is the first draft. So...yeah. Don't expect great insights into who Rolf is as a person. XD)

Rolf attacked the training dummy in front of him with ferocity, slamming the wooden practice sword into it mercilessly until the supporting pole snapped, and the dummy fell to the ground.

Breathing heavily, Rolf twisted his hands around the sword’s rough grip and glared down at the fallen wood-and-leather mannequin. How could the king expect something like this of him? At the same time though, how could he refuse?

Rolf booted the prone dummy in frustration, sending it skidding over the grass a very unsatisfying couple of feet.

“Rough day?”

Rolf whirled around. Prince Rowan stood behind him, hazel eyes compassionate. 

Taking a deep breath to calm his labored breathing, Rolf tossed the practice sword on the ground and crossed his arms over his chest. “I ran into your brother today.”

“Ah.” Rowan nodded his understanding and said nothing more.

Rolf stifled the urge to tirade against Amadan, and instead took another cleansing breath. 

They stood in silence for a moment, a cool spring breeze drying the sweat on Rolf’s forehead, while the sun warmed his skin. He looked around at the majestic beauty of the glimmering white castle and lush courtyards, thought of the simple splendor of the clean, cobbled streets of the town. Would the cities Beneath be so pleasing? Would he ever make it back to this breathtaking, peaceful city, or would he die on the fetid plains of the wild land below, struck down by enemies he’d never known?

“Rowan. . . .” Rolf trailed off, not sure what he wanted to say.

“My father gave you a job, didn’t he?” a grieved look came over Rowan’s face, “Like the ones he gives to your father?”

Rolf nodded, “He wants me to find a cure for his—” Sickness? Poison? The terms warred in his mind and ground his words to a halt again.

Rowan ran a hand through his sun-colored hair in distress, “Oh, that we lived in a time where we did not fear to traverse the lands. Oh that it were not dangerous for us, even now.”

Rowan’s lament sent shivers through Rolf. “You’re not helpful, my prince.”

~*~*~Snippet that's mostly dialogue~*~*~
(I actually had a LOT of largely-dialogue scenes! lol but this one is kinda fun, and gives you some info!)

A gust of wind blew through the sidestreet, and Kat shivered.

“Oh, hey.” Zane’s cobalt brow wrinkled in concern. “You’re still in that stupid costume. I guess we should have stopped by your room and gotten you some real clothes. Here.” He took off his black jacket and swung it around her shoulders.

Warmth enveloped her instantly. Soft fur lined the inside of the coat, sturdy leather making up the outer shell. It smelled somewhat of booze, but it was a small price to pay.

She looked back at Zane, who was now shielded from the wind by nothing more than a thin white cotton shirt. “Thank you.”

“Eh.” Zane shrugged and grinned, “Can’t leave a lady in distress now, can I?”

Kat raised an eyebrow at this, “Why do I get the feeling you cause more distress than you relieve?”

Zane’s jaw dropped in delighted astonishment, “Hey!”

“Are you two quite done?”

“Woah!” Kat and Zane jumped. Rolf had reappeared out of nowhere.

“There’s no one back there.” Rolf pushed past them and peered up the street, “We’re not far now.”

“Look, I get why I have to leave the city, but why do you?” Zane asked.

A sharp look from Rolf, “None of your business.”

But he had a good point. “Hey, I became a wanted fugitive for you.” Kat piped up, “So spill.”

Rolf glanced between them, cast another look back over his shoulder in the general direction of the Gate, and turned back to them with a frustrated sigh. “Ok, fine, quick recap. My father is the king’s spy, someone poisoned the king, the king’s eldest son falsely accused my father and I of treason, I managed to escape custody, and even if the prince hadn’t sent guards after me, I’d still have to go Beneath to find the cure for the poison. Now all I have to do is escape the city, find the man with the cure, get the cure, get back in the city, and heal the king before one of us dies. Ok? Can we go now?”

“Oh. Well.” Zane looked from Rolf to Kat to Rolf. “When you put it like that, sure.”

Ah, my old (still current, but long untouched) WIP. Good times. XD I should really try writing some more in that..... X)

Aaanyway, this was SO FUN! You should totally head over to one of the two aforementioned blogs and sign up! :D

EDIT: LOL I just realized that I also used the name Thalion in the first summer camp writing prompt! I thought it sounded familiar at the time. Apparently I like that name. X)


  1. I like this! Especially when Kat mentions Zane causing more trouble than he relieves. I got that general impression too. XD

    I think the last scene was my favorite. It was funny, but still kept things moving. You should write more of it!

    (I did notice that name. I was wondering if it was the same guy from the prompt. But then the story sounded completely different! So yeah, they're not the same guy. . . I like Kat though).

    1. Lol thank you! And haha oh Zane. He's my favorite. X)

      Hehe my scenes often contrast each other greatly, ranging anywhere from super dark to utterly ludicrous. I'd LIKE to write more in it, if I can ever work up the willpower..... XD

      (lol! When I wrote the first prompt, I'd totally forgotten I'd used that name for the king in this story. And aw thanks! I'm glad.)

  2. Hey, thank you for linking up with us! And whoops, I cannot tell who the villain/antagonist is in the snippet, but that is just a testament to your layered characters. Kat's snark is the best. Hope you enjoyed sharing your snazzy snippets!

    1. Lol oops, I suppose I should have mentioned that they're BOTH the villains. XD hehe thanks! Thanks for dropping by! :D