Monday, 13 July 2015

777(/999/131313) Writing Tag

The wonderful H.M. Wilson over at Plottinger Twist tagged me in a challenge that I have actually done before. BUT! It's such a fun little thing to do, and so easy, I thought I'd change it slightly, and do it again. READY OK LETS GO!

The Rules:
Go to page 7 of your WIP (work in progress)
Go to line 7
Share the next 7 lines

Well, I've already done that, as I said before. And since my WIP hasn't changed, the section you'd see wouldn't have changed IF I were doing 777 again. As it is, I think I shall do 999, because WHY NOT?

here's Rolf again!

A soft chuckle caused Rolf to lift his gaze back to the king. 

Thalion was regarding him with a gentle expression. “Perhaps you were not asking the right questions.”

Rolf’s brow furrowed as he contemplated this, “Not ‘if,’ but ‘who’?”

Thalion shook his head as a hardened look came over his face, “Not even that. I have my suspicions in that regard, and have already asked Boros to look into that matter. I would ask you, young Rolf, to figure out...” the king paused as a sort of sorrowful resignation fell over him, “...if there is anything to be done about it.”

The words hit Rolf hard. Of course something could be done about it—right? 

“What would you have me do, sire?”

If you count up the lines as they appear here, it's a bit more than 9, but in my WIP it was 9. XD Also I did literal "lines" and not "sentences," just....because. 


this is Amadan, who is most of this scene
(also this starts off in Rolf's POV and switches to Amadan's halfway through. lol whoops sorry for the writing faux pas)

Amadan took a menacing step towards Rolf, “Do not forget your place, shadow rat,” he spat, “The privilege of addressing me by my given name is no longer yours. Or have you forgotten your betrayal?”

No, that wasn’t his fault! But Amadan didn’t give Rolf a chance to defend himself.

“You have no place here. Take your lies elsewhere, before I have you jailed. Stay away from my father, and stay away from me. And yes, that’s an order.” 

With that, Amadan snapped his cloak back over his shoulder and stalked away, leaving Rolf to fume silently.

As Amadan put more and more distance between himself and Rolf, he became more and more panicked. They knew. Stars help him, they knew. The Spymaster and his illegitimate brat. They’d figured it out. And Thalion? Thalion knew as well?

Amadan quickened his steps, regal poise falling away until he fairly flew down the castle halls, his feet taking him instinctively to the one man he knew could help him. 

Ok, I'm done now. XD This was fun! Again!
I tag no one because I never do, but please do steal this! I want to read your snippets! :D


  1. I LOVE evrerything about those snippets! *grabby hands* I NEED this story!

    So i did this back in June with a couple of my novels but if you want to read the snippets for mine here is the link!

    1. Aw, thank you!! ^.^ Thats very exciting to hear! XD

      I'll check it out! :D