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Beautiful People - July Edition

If you haven't heard of the Beautiful People linkup, head on over to Paper Fury to check it out!

This month's questions have a sort of summery theme. I'm going to choose to talk about my second main character, Kat, because I hardly mention her ever, and these questions are more suited to her.

I do believe this is from a Final Fantasy game. X) Also, I've used a different picture previously, but I like this one better.
I suppose I should give you some quick background on her, yes? Well, Kat is one of the star performers at the Grand Oriole Theater, one of only three theaters in the floating elven kingdom of Caelum. No one goes in or out of the city, so Kat has very little escape from theater life, which is run by her mother, who controls the theater with an iron fist and fake sincerity. Thank goodness for my other MC and the events of the story, amiright? XD

1. What’s their favourite ice cream flavour?
Hmm, I'm not sure that they have ice cream in elf land, but any dessert-y thing Cook whips up, Kat will love, but only if her mother doesn't catch her!
*insert Kat mimicking her mother's voice*
"All that sugar is terrible for your skin, dear. An actress of your caliber must maintain a healthful glow. And what if you gain weight? Ooohh, to lose your stunning figure would be a crime." Thanks mom. You really know how to give your daughter a complex.

2. Your character is getting ready for a night out. Where are they going? What are they wearing? Who will they be with?
Well, she lives at the theater, so she's not going there. X) She's probably going out to the schmanciest restaurant in the city, or to some ostentatious ball. If the restaurant, she's probably wearing something like this:

and if it's a ball, she's probably wearing something like this:

but with perhaps a fuller skirt.

Either way, she's not headed there willingly. Every social engagement is a grating chore.

3. Look at your character’s feet. Describe what you see there. Do they wear dress shoes, gym shoes, or none at all? Are they in socks that are ratty and full of holes? What do they consider comfortable and what do they consider agony?
Bare feet or flexible, strappy sandals! Heels are a necessary evil when needing to appear taller, statelier, or occasionally sexier, and she has her mother to thank for that (again).

4. Do they have any birthmark or scars? Where are they and how did they get them?
You know, I've never decided for sure, but I imagine that she has a small scar or two from getting into anything and everything when she was younger. If she could climb it and it was higher than her mother's reach, Kat would go up it.

5. What kind of music do they listen to? Does it change depending on their mood or is it always consistent? (Feel free to share samples!)
Though she'd never admit it, Kat secretly enjoys the stirring orchestral pieces used during their plays and performances. They make her long for something, anything, to happen to her in her real life that's half as exciting as the things she acts out on stage.

6. Do they have any musical talent? Play an instrument? How’s their singing voice?
Her singing voice is pretty, but with strength behind it. She's a soprano, and can hit those beautiful, high, clear notes. Just another talent her mother can use to sell tickets.

7. What kind of book would you catch them reading?
Maybe something romantic, or humorous, or historical. She might read an epic high fantasy, except she lives in one.

8. How would they spend their summers (or their holidays)?
Summer is actually peak theater time! But for the days when she's not acting, she's wandering the beautiful parks, forests, and hills of their magical city, totally, blissfully alone.

9. It’s Saturday at noon. What is your character doing? Give details. Ex. If they’re eating breakfast, what’s on the menu? Are they hiking, shopping, lazing around?
A Saturday matinee is the busiest performance of all! Kat is either rushing around and being rushed around to get ready, acting on the stage, or slumping into her dressing room chair.

10. Is there anything your character wants to be free of?
Her mother and the theater! lol the only question I actually had a ready answer to, whoops! My character development is often....lacking. It's something I'll fix in edits, if I ever get there. XD


Welp, there you have it! In these questions, her mother comes off as an absolute terror, which...I guess she is, but I'm not sure. Someday I'll have to edit some humanity into her. Except she's an elf, so...elfmanity? Elfity. Elveninity. Elfinness. Elfinnity.

But back to Kat. For some reason, I enjoy writing male character much more than female characters. They just come more naturally to me, which is odd, since I'M female, and you'd think it'd be easier to "write what you know." I don't know. I just have difficulty writing women that aren't hair-pullingly annoying and shallow. So if Kat comes off as flat or two-dimensional......she probably is. XD

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Summer Camp Writing Prompt #5

This prompt ends July 31! Head on over to Ashley's blog to sign up! You won't regret it.

This week's prompt:

Ok, prepare yourselves. This is my longest "short story" by far. Well, except for my zombie short story, which wasn't a prompt. Or my Merlin fanfiction, which wasn't a short story at all. Er, but, it's still much longer than the last four prompts were.



I couldn’t find a dragon on sale. I looked everywhere. I checked Wylie’s Winged Wyrms, Dragonz for Kidz, the pet depo over on Third, Farm Animal Suppliers, and even Dante’s Fiery Fiends. No one was having a sale on dragons.

Do you know how expensive dragons are? I would blow our budget for the next three months if I tried to buy one retail.

I pretty much gave up on finding one. We simply couldn’t afford it. Not without saving up for quite a while. And by then it would probably be too late. My heart broke a little.

Then I saw him.

He was an old man, sitting on top of a lamppost. I probably wouldn’t have even seen him, but somehow his presence was causing the NeverDim streetlight to flicker, something I’d never seen one do before.

He was sitting cross-legged with his elbows on his knees and his fist under his chin, eyes closed. He seemed to be wearing long robes which were bundled around his limbs. I thought he must be one of those crazy Medievalists, who insisted on acting like we were in the Dark Ages, just because we had dragons now. Science may have come a long way, but people were still stupid. Still, I wondered how he got up there, and if he could get down. He didn’t seem particularly spry.

I wanted to pass him by and head on home before my wife started to worry, but I couldn’t just leave without making sure he was okay.

“Sir?” I called up the post, “Are you alright?”

The man opened his eyes and looked at me. “Ah, young man.” His voice was rough and quiet, like he’d spent too many years trying to be heard over the crowd, “You will do.”

I’ll do?

The man swung his legs over the light fixture and dropped to the ground, light as a feather. The light ceased flickering, and I blinked in surprise.

“You stopped. Why?” the old man asked. His eyes were bright and clear, and they stared into mine unwavering.

I was a little unnerved. “I just wanted to make sure you could get down.”

“No, why did you stop looking for a dragon?”

Now I was a lot unnerved. I smiled the polite, questioning smile of someone who’s very confused. “Uh. . . H-how did you know I was looking for one?”

“The dragons were speaking to me.”

Ah. I was right. He was crazy. “Oh. Well, I just can’t afford one right now. But that’s alright, some other time. I'm glad you're ok.” I started to turn and walk away. I just wanted to get out of there.

“Is it? One more year, and she’ll be too old to join. You know how rare it is for the Dragon Watchers to train a child over the age of twelve. And isn’t this what little Elia has always wanted? To care for the dragons?”

At his words, my blood ran cold. I spun on the man with ferocity, “How do you know about my daughter? Who are you? Have you been watching us?” My fists were clenched so tightly they ached. Adrenaline shook my body. My eyes cast about for a policeman to call, but I didn’t see one. So help me, I’d kill this psycho if he came near my daughter, I swear I would.

“Please calm yourself, Graham.” The man held up his hands, either in a calming gesture, or to show me they were empty, “You think dragons didn’t exist before science brought them back? You think your scientists know everything there is to know about these creatures? I have lived for longer than you could possibly imagine, and I know them. They speak to me daily. For hundreds of years, I have missed their voices. Now they are back, but they will not last.”

My anger had subsided to a small degree, enough that I could focus on what he was saying. “Not last?” I couldn’t believe I was talking to him; he was insane.

“They are dying, Graham. Again. Your science isn’t enough to sustain them, not yet. But there is a way. For the past eleven years, they have spoken to me about a girl, the future queen of their race. She will save them, and they will speak to her as they have spoken to me.”

Realization fought to reach the front of my mind. “And. . . you think that’s Elia?”

The man nodded once and reached a hand into the folds of his flowing brown robes. I stiffened, on high alert, but what he brought out was not a weapon. It was a pan flute. Now I knew he was Medievalist.

“This is for your daughter.” He handed the instrument to me. “She will know what to do when she has it. She has the blood of the ancients in her.”

I took it almost automatically, but snapped back to reality when I felt power crackle though my hand. Not electricity, just. . . power. My mind reeled with a million questions. Most questions were about my own sanity in believing this man, but I had others, too. Most pressing were the ones concerning my daughter. “How? I mean, where did this ‘ancient blood’ come from?”

The old man tilted his head like he was surprised that I didn’t know. “It comes through you, Graham. Your father’s blood.”

I rubbed my eyes with my free hand. This was too much. “But I don’t even know who my father was.”

“Then why is it so hard to believe?”

I opened my eyes to retaliate, but the man was gone. I spun in a circle looking for him, but the street was empty, save for a young couple strolling down the other side of the street.

Young couple. My wife! Was she ok? Was Elia?

I ran home in record time, stopping just before my front door to catch my breath. No sense bursting into my house like a manic and scaring my family if nothing was wrong.

I smoothed my rumpled hair and entered my home, where I was immediately greeted by Joy.

“Did you find one?” she asked, keeping her voice low.

I shook my head and drew my wife close, kissing her forehead, then her lips. She was fine.

“Daddy!” Elia bounded into the room, caramel-colored braids bouncing.

I swept her up in a tight hug as I drowned in relief. They were both fine. “Hey pumpkin.” I set her down and pulled the pan flute out of my jacket pocket. I didn't know why. I just knew I couldn't keep it from her. “I got you something.”

I glanced at my wife, whose brow wrinkled in confusion. Elia didn’t seem to mind the strange gift, though.

“Oooh.” She took it and looked it over. Then, to Joy’s and my surprise, she set her lips and played three soft, airy notes, that sighed from the instrument with a master’s ease. Somehow, the notes seemed to reach beyond ordinary music, and drifted away into the darkening sky.

“How did you do that?” mother asked daughter.

“She just knew.” I murmured. Then no one had the chance to talk anymore, for a rushing sound filled the air. We’d all heard that sound before, but never so close.

Dragon wings.

I ran outside, followed by my family. The ground shook and we stumbled a little when she landed in our front yard. 

A young female dragon sank her claws into the ground to steady herself. Her scales shimmered an iridescent pink, like a rose-colored pearl.  She flexed her wings, and before they folded gracefully against her ridged back, I saw that their span was as wide as our house. She stretched her long neck out and swung her snout towards Elia, blinking star-speckled eyes at her.

I expected my little girl to be ecstatic and jump all around. I expected her to run up and pet the dragon and chatter on about naming her and riding her and signing up for the Dragon Watchers. Instead, she walked slowly over to the creature with solemn serenity and laid a hand on the scaled muzzle.

“Her name is Cerisune.” Elia informed us, rubbing the dragon’s neck with her other hand.

“That’s lovely.” Joy said, “Did you come up with that yourself?”

No, I thought, just as Elia said, “She told me.”

Concerned, my wife turned to me. I nodded and put my arm around her, leading her back into the house. “I have some things to tell you. I met a man tonight. . . .”

Lol it started off fairly silly, but apparently took a more serious-ish turn. These things do happen when you "pants" your way through a story. X) Ah, well. my last story was certainly silly enough to last me for a while. ;D

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Book List - Adventures in Tanthona

What a descriptive title. "Adventures." What might happen in that magical land? No one will ever know.

Last time, I mentioned that I might have been 10 while writing this book. I have no idea, actually (You'll notice as we go on that I never ever know the exact dates/ages of anything that happened in the past. I don't even know generally when they happened. I'm a really oblivious person), so we'll say that 10 is close enough.

I upgraded my writing medium from a tear-away notepad to a spiral-bound memo booklet. I was moving up in the world, clearly.

This book was about Chris, a girl who was bored in the summer, tried to read a book, and was whisked off to a magical land. Actually, she was "wisked off to a mystical land," to quote myself.

Now, this story starts off with a prologue that might technically be an epilogue, because it describes an event that happens two weeks after the story is finished. It's--........................

*Pauses, thinks long and hard*

You know what? I'm going to give you the whole story verbatim (I love that word). It's not THAT long, I don't think, and might even take less time than outlining each chapter for you (but maybe not). I'll still give commentary, of course. ;D I'm not even gonna touch on all the spelling/grammar mistakes, though. Eeesh.



"Once upon a time..."
"The crowd goes wild!"
"The crowd goes wild, and...Hey!" Chris erased furiously "I keep writing what the announcer says." Chris was at a baseball game. She didn't really want to be there, but she had to be. Oh, how she longed to be with her friends. And not her human ones, either. You see, two weeks earlier, Chris had been wisked away to the mystical land of Tanthona. If you want, I'll show you. Ready? Let's go! (Woah. Do you like how I broke the fourth wall, there?)

Chapter 1

"Mom!" Chris whined. "I'm bored!"
It was a very hot day in the middle of July. The heat was making everyone cranky.
"Read a book!" her mom shouted crossly.
Chris marched over to her bookshelf and pulled out a book. "Magical Lands." she read. "Hmph!" Chris was very practical and did NOT believe in magic, mermaids, or monsters (First of all, nice alliteration, younger me. Second, I must question why you have this book if you dislike magic so much). But something drew her to go through it to see if there were any new word that she could use in her books.
You see (broke the fourth wall, again), practical as she was, Chris loved to write storys (non-fiction, of course! For, she wasn't good at coming up with people that never existed or events that never happened). Along with being practical and loving to write, Chris was very pretty. She had long blonde hair, fair skin, long legs, and a slender figire (this, children, is what we call "info dumping." Also, younger me apparently loved stereotypical heroines. Sorry).
Well, she took the book over to her bed and sat down with it. Opening it at random, she came to a page titled Tanthona. Under the title was a pictur of unicorns, fairys, what looked like a deer on fire (EXCUSE ME WHAT IS THIS MORBIDNESS), and birds who blended in with the backround. The page read, "The land of Tanthona is inhabited with many creatures such as unicorns, fairies, cloak-birds, and flame-deer (Wow. WAAOOOOOW. The creativity of these names blows me away.). Unfortunately, the land is overrun with hobgoblins and the horrible blood seekers. Only the heir to the throne can save the land of Tanthona from evil Lord Rashkan. To do this she must use courage, skill and cleverness." (I will give you exactly ONE GUESS as to who the "heir" is. Times up, it's Chris.)
But Chris didn't have time to read anymore. For suddenly, a searing pain, like fire, ripped through her hands. The pain spread up her arms and consumed her whole body. And then, Chris' whole world went black. (Good heavens, that escalated quickly!)

Chapter 2

A few minutes later, Chris awoke, gasping for air. Chris gasped even more when she found that the air tasted like peppermint! Did it smell like it, too? (Yes, scents are what you should be concerned with right now) Chris inhaled deeply.. Not peppermint, but cinnimon! (not only does that sound like a gross combination, but it seems like it would get real old, real fast.)
Chris looked around. "Where am I?" she wondered. 
A few feet away was a rushing river. Behind the river, Chris saw a forest. Next to it was a sign. It read:
Choc Town <-
Breaking Bridge <-
Breaking Bridge? Chris didn't like the sound of that! "I hope I don't have to cross it to reach the town. But if I do, then I will. Well, better get a move on." (Yes, you do that. This is no time to be concerned with things like where you are, how you got there, or how you'll get home. You're too practical for that, right?) With that, Chris started on her way.

Within five minutes of walking, Chris could see a town up ahead. "When I 'huff" get to the town 'puff' first thing I'm going to do is 'huff' ask where I am 'puff' and then '!!!' Oh, NO!" (You have been walking for less than FIVE MINUTES, child. Even I can walk five minutes without huffing and puffing like the Big Bad Wolf after a marathon.) 
Just across the river lay the town. But to get to it, Chris had to cross, "Breaking Bridge." Chris moanged miserably (MOANGED?!? WHAT THE HECK IS A MOANG??). "Ok," she told herself. "I'll just run for it." she stepped closer to the bridge. There was a cracking noise. The bridge was breaking and she wasn't even on it! Chris stepped back quickly. The noise stopped and bridge healed itself. "Great" Chris thought how am I supposed to cross this bridge when it won't let me get near it?" (more importantly, why aren't you freaking out over this bridge that seems PRETTY DARN MAGICAL??)
Thats when Chris noticed a rope and grappling hook. "How did that get there?" Chris wondered (Grappling-hook ex machina, that's how). The tree branch on the tree on the little island in the water gave Chris an idea (and it gave me an aneurysm). She swung the rope and hook around and around and then let it fly. It wrapped itself around the tree branch. Chris tugged the rope. It held!
Chris, still holding the rope, backed up, ran, and jumped. In mid-swing, a bird, like the one in the book, flew overhead. With it's sharp beak, it cut the rope! Chris went plunging to the rocks below!

Chapter 3

"AAHH!" Chris screamed. A lower branch hit Chris which thankfully directed her fall onto dry ground. Chris lay there, groaning the cloak bird who cut the bird landed beside her and began a brisk explanation (please explain that sentence to me instead, bird.)
"Oh, deary me! I'm so sorry! I didn't see the rope till the last minute and then it was too late and-"
"You!?" Chris asked.
"Why, of course." said the bird, as if it were the most normal thing in the world. "By the way, my name is Pendaluck."
Chris could tell by Pendaluck's voice that she was a girl (you can't just make ASSUMPTIONS like that, Chris!). "O-K...Pekalo, could you..."
"Pendaluck. could you tell me were I am?" Chris asked.
"You're in the land of Tanthona." Pendaluck replied.
"Tanthona! So that book did take me to a magical land!" Chris exclaimed. (She's so UNBELIEVABLY receptive to all this) Pendaluck looked confused. "Let's walk to the town together." Chris said. "I'll explain everything on the way." 
"OK!" Pendaluck chirped. 

Chapter 4

"Wow!" Pendaluck said in awe. "Kidnapped by a book!"
"Yea," laughed Chris. "Kind of crazy, huh?"
"Well, maybe a litte, okay, a lot to humans, but magic is what this land is made of. Ah, here we are! Choc Town!" Pendaluck chirped. 
They walked up to the gate. Chris half-expected the gate to be made of chocolate, but it was only painted brown. Inside, Chris got a surprise. The town looked a lot like her hometown. It even had a little one-room school-house! (Ok, I can explain. Younger me was obsessed with these books:

and so small towns/old-fashioned ways of living were very interesting to me. So, even though my "book" took place in the modern day....I don't know, I just wanted a tiny schoolhouse, I guess.)
There were lots of houses and shops, and people went about their daily business. They passed by a park. There was green grass everywhere. Pendaluck said that here they use chocolate for money! (Hence the name.) (No, that's not me making a quip. That was literally in the book) But no one was playing. No one in the town looked happy. In fact, they looked scared.
"Psst." she wishpered to Pendaluck. "Why isn't anyone happy?"
Pendaluck motioned for Chris to follow her into an alley (don't follow strangers into alleys, kids. That's a BAAAAAD idea). "The evil ruler of these lands, Lord Rashkan, is taxing these people like you wouldn't believe." (Holy cow, young me knew about taxes, astounding) Pendaluck said. "They can't earn a penny without having to give it to him. It's a good thing these people are farmers, or they would starve."
"That is AWFUL!" Chris exclaimed. "Someone should do something."
"Yes." Pendaluck agreed sadly." But only the heir to the throne has the power to wield the Sword of the Dragons." (I was also obsessed with dragons, fyi)
"What's that?" Chris asked.
"A magic sword, handed down, from generation to generation." Pendaluck replied "And, being magic, only the right person can use it."
"Who is it? Who is the heir?"
"I can't tell you." said Pendaluck. "The fairy queen can help you. She's magic. (No DUH). She can warp people." Perkasto chirped happily (YES, let's just CHANGE HER NAME in the middle of the story! That's a normal thing to do! Also, what a rude and sudden change of subject. Is the fairy queen going to tell her who the heir is, or will she just warp her home? Heavens.).
"Well, let's GO!" Chris exclaimed.
"Alrighty then. Follow me!" Perkasto said. She started off through the "South Gate", as she called it, and began down a silver road, sprinkled with gold dust (Um, how has the evil lord not dug this road up for himself? Or at least, how have the citizens not dug it up to appease him and his tax? WHY DOES THE EVIL LORD ACCEPT CHOCOLATE CURRENCY??? This entire town is a literary crime) Far in the distance, Chris could see the outline of a castle. Chris got excited. Soon she would be home! (yes, forget these poor starving people and this wondrous magical land you've found yourself in. Let's just go home and be bored again.)

Chapter 5

They walked for an hour. Chris' feet hurt, but she was too excited to care. Soon they were at the castle's gate. Beyond the gate, the castle rose, grand and magestic, towering over them. It was pure gold with a silver roof, and diamond outlines around the windows and doors. (May I point out again...YOUR. PEOPLE. ARE. STARVING! MELT DOWN YOUR CASTLE AND FEED THEM!!!) The front yard was like one huge garden, with paths among the flowers, so they could reach them to water them, Chris guessed.
They rang the bell, and a guard appeared. "Who are you and what is your business here?" He asked sharply.
"It's me, Mike, Perkasto!" (Mike?!?) Perkasto said with a laugh. "Don't you recognize me?"
"Perkasto! It's been a while. Come, the queen is expecting you." (What? How???) He opened the gate and led them toward the castle.
"Two questions." Chris asked Perkasto. "How does he know you, and why is the queen expecting us?" (Hey, Chris is smarter than I gave her credit for.)
Perkasto smiled. "Oh it's nothing really." she said. "sometimes I clean here, that's all." (What? WHAT?? "sometimes you clean here"??? What are you, bird woman, a part-time castle maid? And why do I feel like something's UP with you and "Mike"? And aren't you going to answer the other question?!?!?!)
"oh." said Chris.
They followed Mike down a looong walkway. "Prepare yourself," Mike said, "to be AMAZED!" and he flung the doors open. Chris gasped.


That's it. That's all I wrote. It was a bit longer than I remembered it being, but it was just as stupid. XD Haha you may think, from my sarcastic comments, that I hated every minute of this, but it was actually SO MUCH FUN to look back at this little booklet and laugh at myself. I had a grand old time, and I'm looking forward to doing the next one. ;D

What about you? Do you provide biting commentary when you look back at your old works, or do you just giggle affectionately at them?

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Summer Camp Writing Prompt #4

This prompt ends today, July 17! So if you hurry, you might just have time to squeak it in! ;D ....maybe?

I... I just....yeah. Here we go.


Ever since Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory exploded, the weather just hasn't been the same.

No one was hurt! Everyone was out. The factory runs itself automatically on the weekends nowadays, which . . . actually may have been a contributing factor.

Rumors abound as to how the explosion came about. They tried to make too big a batch of Everlasting Gobstoppers. The chocolate river ran too thick and gooped up the works. The Fuzzy Lifting Drinks had too much lift. Charlie's successor was a complete moron.

Regardless how it happened, the explosion caused the Wonkavision teleporter to disintevaporate the entire factory into the atmosphere, and now, well . . .

Those pink clouds? Yeah, that's not the result of a sunset. Its cotton candy, and who knows what else, trapped up there. Sometimes real clouds cover the fake ones and keep them cool. Other days, the fake clouds bear the full brunt of the sun, and drip sticky goo all over everything.

The worst is when it rains. Or maybe, the best is when it rains? Water and candy blend together to make a vaguely sticky mixture of flavored rain that you always manage to taste, even if you keep your mouth closed. The flavor changes depending on what's in the cloud over you.

Oh look, it's raining now. Let's go outside and sample it, shall we?

Hmm, three course flavored gum flavored rain today. Delightful. Except now I want pie.



I have nothing to say. Except thank you, Wikipedia, for helping me remember what candy was in the movie. XD

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777(/999/131313) Writing Tag

The wonderful H.M. Wilson over at Plottinger Twist tagged me in a challenge that I have actually done before. BUT! It's such a fun little thing to do, and so easy, I thought I'd change it slightly, and do it again. READY OK LETS GO!

The Rules:
Go to page 7 of your WIP (work in progress)
Go to line 7
Share the next 7 lines

Well, I've already done that, as I said before. And since my WIP hasn't changed, the section you'd see wouldn't have changed IF I were doing 777 again. As it is, I think I shall do 999, because WHY NOT?

here's Rolf again!

A soft chuckle caused Rolf to lift his gaze back to the king. 

Thalion was regarding him with a gentle expression. “Perhaps you were not asking the right questions.”

Rolf’s brow furrowed as he contemplated this, “Not ‘if,’ but ‘who’?”

Thalion shook his head as a hardened look came over his face, “Not even that. I have my suspicions in that regard, and have already asked Boros to look into that matter. I would ask you, young Rolf, to figure out...” the king paused as a sort of sorrowful resignation fell over him, “...if there is anything to be done about it.”

The words hit Rolf hard. Of course something could be done about it—right? 

“What would you have me do, sire?”

If you count up the lines as they appear here, it's a bit more than 9, but in my WIP it was 9. XD Also I did literal "lines" and not "sentences," just....because. 


this is Amadan, who is most of this scene
(also this starts off in Rolf's POV and switches to Amadan's halfway through. lol whoops sorry for the writing faux pas)

Amadan took a menacing step towards Rolf, “Do not forget your place, shadow rat,” he spat, “The privilege of addressing me by my given name is no longer yours. Or have you forgotten your betrayal?”

No, that wasn’t his fault! But Amadan didn’t give Rolf a chance to defend himself.

“You have no place here. Take your lies elsewhere, before I have you jailed. Stay away from my father, and stay away from me. And yes, that’s an order.” 

With that, Amadan snapped his cloak back over his shoulder and stalked away, leaving Rolf to fume silently.

As Amadan put more and more distance between himself and Rolf, he became more and more panicked. They knew. Stars help him, they knew. The Spymaster and his illegitimate brat. They’d figured it out. And Thalion? Thalion knew as well?

Amadan quickened his steps, regal poise falling away until he fairly flew down the castle halls, his feet taking him instinctively to the one man he knew could help him. 

Ok, I'm done now. XD This was fun! Again!
I tag no one because I never do, but please do steal this! I want to read your snippets! :D

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The Lyric Medley Tag

Ok, so WAYY BACK IN JANUARY, Heather from Sometimes I'm a Story tagged me for this, and somehow, SOMEHOW, I forgot about it. In fact, I never would have remembered it at all, if I hadn't been searching through old posts for something or other.

SO! Both my thanks and apologies to you, Heather! I'll do this right now, because it looks fun! :D

The Rules:

Thank and link back to the person who tagged you.
Make a collage that represents your taste in music to go along with your tag post.
List a song for each of the 10 questions below (or make up your own!) and include your favorite lyrics from that song, if you'd like. If you want to explain why you chose that song, that's cool too - go crazy with it!
Tag at least 5 bloggers

Well, I don't know how to make a collage, so we'll forgo that. But I'm gonna tell you right now: Owl City is my favorite artist; you'll probably see a lot of him in here. X)

~a song I can relate to~
Put Your Hearts Up
Ariana Grande
You think you're so small, like you're itty bitty,
Just one match in the lights of the city.
Walking by strangers on the side of the street
Like a quarter in a cup will get 'em up on their feet.
You think you're never gonna make your mark,
Sit back and watch the world while it falls apart.
Outta sight, outta mind,
Like it's just a waste of time.

~a song from my favorite album~
Honey and the Bee
Owl City - All Things Bright and Beautiful
Don't remind me,
I'm a chickadee in love with the sky.
But that's clearly not a lot to crow about.
'Cause when the stars silhouette me,
I'm scared they'll forget me,
And flicker out.

~a song that makes me happy~
Strawberry Avalanche
Owl City
If you were a beautiful sound
In the echoes all around,
Then I'd be your harmony,
And we'd sing along with the crowds
Beneath the candy-coated clouds,
Oh strawberry avalanche, crash over me.

~a song that makes me feel calm/sleepy~
Colbie Caillat
The rain is falling on my windowpane,
But we are hiding in a safer place.
Under covers, staying safe and warm,
You give me feelings that I adore.

~a song that makes me feel rebellious~
David Guetta
pop/hip hop/electronic
Why does it feel so good,
So good to be bad?
Getting what I want, boy,
Why does that make you so mad?

~a song that makes me feel sad~
Owl City
The fire I began 
Is burning me alive, 
But I know better than 
To leave and let it die.
I'm a silhouette, 
Asking every now and then,
Is it over yet?
Will I ever feel again?

~a song that makes me wistful~
Danny Boy
Celtic Women
But come ye back
When summer's in the meadow,
Or when the valley's hushed
And white with snow.
For I'll be here,
In sunshine or in shadow.
Oh Danny boy, oh Danny boy,
I love you so.

~a song of hope~
You're Not Alone
Owl City
You rescued me,
And I believe
That God is love
And He is all I need
From this day forth,
For all eternity.
I'll never wander on my own,
For I am Yours
Until You call me home.

~a song people wouldn't think I'd like but I do~
It's hiding in the dark,
It's teeth are razor sharp,
There's no escape for me,
It wants my soul, it wants my heart.
No one can hear me scream.
Maybe it's just a dream.
Maybe it's inside of me.
Stop this monster!

~the last song I listened to~
Home of the Blues
Owl City
Oh, but the place is filled
With the sweetest memories,
Memories so sweet that I cry.
Dreams that I've had
Left me feelin' so bad,
I just wanna give up, and lay down, and die.


And there we have it! My answers to a tag I should've done like SIX MONTHS AGO! XD 

I'm not tagging anybody. So there. If you want it, just grab it and go! ^.^

Friday, 3 July 2015

The Liebster Award

Thank you to the ever-classy Adriana Gabrielle for nominating me for the Liebster Award!! Ugh, these things are so fun. ^.^

1.) Thank the person that nominated you and link back to their blog. 
2.) Answer the questions given you by said person. 
3.) Choose eleven questions of your own. 
4.) Nominate eleven more people! 

And so, the questions!


1. What is one of your funniest childhood memories?
*totally, utterly blanks* Um, you may have to ask my parents about that one. I can't remember! XD

2. What would you say is one of your hidden talents? (Won’t be hidden for much longer. Mwahahaa)
Talents? Hidden talents? Oh geez, I don't know! 0.o
Umm......well, they're not hidden, but sometimes I utilize my organizational talent and my drawing "talent" for my church's benefit...........and that's all I can think of! XD

3. What is your ideal vacation? (Location? What would you do?)
Scotland, England, Ireland. (lol Sorry, Wales. But I don't even know what's IN you.) I've gone to Scotland once before, and I really really want to go again. My grandma was Scottish, so I'm emotionally attached to that country. AND LOCH NESS YOU GUYS I WANNA GO THERE AND GET TOURISTY NESSIE MERCH AND PRETEND THAT I SAW HER. And Ireland is just GORGEOUS, and I don't mind the rain. ;) And what visit to Britain would be complete without going to London, England? I'd run around and be all touristy and people would look at me with disgust. XD

4. I demand a #Shelfie! (Picture of your book shelf/shelves in case you don’t know what it is?)

Sorry for the less-than-stellar quality, ipod camera + night + bad room lighting = crap. But! You can still kinda see what it looks like.

5. What is one thing you want to do or have done that will/has surprised everyone?
Umm....I feel like there must be something.....QUICK SUNNY LIZZY WHAT HAVE I DONE THAT'S SURPRISING??

6. Favourite color! Go!

7. Do you have a favourite notebook/journal? What is the contents of this journal/notebook?
I LOVE NOTEBOOKS I LOVE ALL NOTEBOOKS I HAVE MANY and yet I rarely write in them. It's like some sort of weird psychological thing, where I'm afraid to waste a pretty notebook on less-than-worthy words. But! Here are my faves and their contents:

Red: a few travel-ish entries: will be used as a journal on all future travels.
Plaid: nothing! Used to have some writing stuff in it, but that was removed and put elsewhere.
Polka dots: school stuff (boring! lol)
Purple butterflies: anything and everything, equaling mostly nothing.
Brown "R": nothing! It's new!
NESSIE(<3): it's a tear-away notepad FROM SCOTLAND!! I've only used a few of it's pages. 
Paris: nothing! Sunny got this for me once, and I like it too much to use it! (whoops!) Someday, though. ;D
Butterflies: oldish (not old enough!) MORTIFYING journal entries. Ugh, someone, anyone, light a match. XD

8. Who is the author you most want to meet? or have you already met them? (If you have tell us about it!)
I actually don't crave a meeting with any authors....! Hmm, I wonder why? Anyway, I'm content. ^.^

9. People watching! (Admit it, writers, you do this.) What are your techniques to appear less stalker-ish while people watching?
IF I choose to take a break from being a bedroom hermit, then I may casually watch the people around me. I keep from looking like a stalker by frequently zoning out to imagine what kind of story they would fit into, or by returning to whatever I was doing before and totally forgetting about them. XD

10. What is your favourite movie/TV show right now? Why?

Fyi, "Waiting for Next Season" means waiting for the season that just finished airing to come out on dvd. We don't get any channels, and so can't watch them when they air. SO NO SPOILERS. XD Also, you can check out aaallll my posts from the April Blogging Challenge of this year: my theme was tv shows!

11. What are some writing/blogging goals you have for this lovely year of 2015?
Hmm...actually write, I guess? XD I'm not a big goal-setter when it come to writing. I'll do it or I won't (and lately, it's been "won't"). This is probably why I've never finished a first draft; but I'm not too bent out of shape about it. Being an author isn't my life goal--writing is just a hobby--so why force myself if it isn't fun? ;D
As for blogging, I still don't have goals, but I DO have quite a lineup of posts waiting to go up! So...stay tuned for that. X)

A) I used way too many emoticons in this post.
B) I didn't have very good answers.

Whoops! Oh well. X) (<- hey, another one.) Despite my frequent "I don't know"s, this was fun! I love answering questions. And I love posing them, so here they are, my questions for the next nominees:

1. What's the weirdest book you've ever read, and why was it so weird? (fyi--and you can delete this when you do your post--mine was Showdown by Ted Dekker. SO. BIZZARE.)
2. What are your favorite scents? You know: baking bread, that one candle you have, fresh laundry!
3. Do you have a beloved stuffed animal/doll from your childhood, what's their name, how long have you had it, and may we see a picture?
4. What's the last thing you read, and how was it?
5. What did you dream of being when you were a kid? Did you achieve it? Will you?
6. Any phobias? Like trypophobia? Trypanophobia? Acrophobia? (Google will help you, here.)
7. DIDNEY WORL!! (Disney World) Ever been?
8. Favorite memory from the past 365 days?
9. Something (or a few things!) you're reaaaally looking forward to in the next 365 days?
10.Did/do you keep a journal?
11.Would you rather sail the seas for a month, or live in a mountaintop chalet for a month? Why?

Aaaaaand the nominations!

1. Lizzy at Brokenness Aside
2. Sunny at A Splash of Ink
3. Kate at The Magic Violinist
4. Ashely at [insert title here]
5. Imogen at Gossiping With Dragons
6. Christine at Musings of an Elf
7. Tracey at Tracey Dyck
8. Heather at Sometimes I'm a Story
9. Maddie at Wonderful World of My Life
10.Ella at Once Upon a Bookish Time
11.Katie at A Writer's Faith

Have fun! Or don't. Up to you. :)