Friday, 26 June 2015

Summer Camp Writing Promt #3

The third prompt from Ashley's Summer Camp! This one ends July 3rd. And the prompt IS:

Well, ok, look....I had some difficulty with this one. I didn't know what to write. Nothing seemed quite right. Except for one idea that I dismissed several times, because I doubted anyone here would appreciate it but me.

I don't know. Any of you guys Markiplier fans?

Anyway, the Markiplier idea won out in the end. My brain simply wouldn't allow me to write anything else!


The cold bricks of the tunnel wall snagged the back of Mark’s sweaty t-shirt and grabbed at his hair. Stale air clogged his lungs as he waited in a crouch and tried not to breathe. The gate to freedom taunted him from the left. He could see the emergency escape ladder through the bars! But he didn’t have the keys. And to the right?

A skeletal creature shuffled slowly closer, its rotting flesh shredded in places, revealing stark white bones.  Its head was a misshapen growth, a giant beak-like protrusion forming a hideous mouth. Above the beak, two red eyes glowed; unseeing slits. Its hands dangled at uneven lengths, each finger ending in a pointed claw.

A Moleman, or so Mark called them. One of many that roamed the ever-changing tunnels.  What were they? Where did they come from? He didn’t know, but he feared that if he didn’t escape soon, he would become one.

The creature lumbered closer, and the smell hit Mark like a wave. It was unbearable; a stench so sickly sweet with putrefaction Mark thought he might vomit. Go away go away go away. I have to find the keys; go away.

The Moleman was dangerously close now. Mark could see the dim light of his last glowstick reflected in the creature’s useless eyes. His legs began to ache from the prolonged crouch, but he didn’t dare shift his weight. Please go away; I don’t want to die.

The creature slowed, halting right in front of him.

The entire tunnel was slick with moisture. It crept through the back of Mark's shirt and up the soles of his worn shoes. A spider crawled over his hand, tickling his skin. Yet he remained utterly still. The Moleman swayed slightly on the spot, listening into the darkness.

Finally, the creature turned around, its claws scratching white lines on the wall mere inches from Mark’s head. Its undulating gait began to take it back up the tunnel, away from Mark. Two steps. Three steps. Four. Five.

Mark allowed himself a slow exhale as relief thudded through his veins. A few more steps, and he would stand up. He could make it to the next branch of the tunnel; lose the Moleman. Find the keys.

Then the dust and mold, the dank air, the smell--! It all swirled together in a sudden and toxic mix that aggravated Mark’s senses. In an inescapable fit, his body betrayed him, and he sneezed.

The sound echoed down the passage, and there was a single second of dead silence. 

The last thing Mark heard was an inhuman shriek. The last thing he saw was crumbling brick inching past his eyes, as he was dragged down the endless halls into blackness.

Well, that was a change from my last two, that's for sure! ^.^ Hope it wasn't too dark for any of you. But we're mostly all writers here, right? We're used to literary murder. And this is taken from a game, if that helps. Here's the video, if you're interested. 8:09 - 9:35. 

ANYWAY, if you haven't joined the prompt yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?? It's loads of fun, and a chance to get your creative juices flowing, without having to do those pesky things like figuring out a plot, or knowing how everything works. So hop on over to Ashley's blog and sign up! 

Or don't. Y'know. You do you. 

*whispers* but you're missing out!


  1. Okay, I know nothing about Markiplier.

    But this was so awesome! I loved it. I like how you used the idea instead of the actual prompt. That was so cool. And the creepy moleman thing and his smell. Eew!

    And I really thought he was going to get away. And then he sneezed and I was like, "He can still make it! Right? Yes, He's going to- No. There's only, like, a paragraph left. What! No! That's not enough time for him to get away in! He- *shivers*" Why did I fall for that? Of course, you weren't going to let poor Mark escape! *sighs* Okay, I'm done ranting now.

    It was really good. :)

    And thanks for the awesome shoutout!

    1. Lol he's a Youtuber. He plays games and does skits. Super nice, awesome voice, really funny. Swears a lot, but what gaming youtuber doesn't? He's also really sincere, and cries a lot when thanking his fans. XD

      YAY! I'm so glad! I was hoping someone would, I wasn't sure. I can't take credit for the moleman thing, though. Or the setting, both of those were supplied by the game he was playing. X)

      Hahahaha! That makes me laugh, I love that you didn't see it coming. I felt like I was being too obvious, so it's nice to know that I can actually kinda surprise people with my writing. XD Thanks again!

      And lol no problem! I love this whole idea you had, and I want to point any traffic your way that I possibly can. ;D

  2. Death by sneezing!! Harsh... Lol! :P Great job on the propt, though!! :)

    Hey, I also tagged you on my blog for another writing-challenge-thingy, I you wanna check it out?

    1. Haha, thanks!! I think I'm clever. XD (even tho I'm not all. XD)

      Thanks! I'll check it out! ^.^

  3. I love it! You are actually a very good writer. I say "actually" because though one might expect to read all good stuff online, from committed bloggers who are committed writers, it can in fact be very variable. But you are like, up there.

    The description was perfect. You totally evoked the tunnels and the dark and the smell. I really like this story.

    1. AWW, THANKS SO MUCH! :D That's so nice to hear. ^.^

      Since there was no real dialogue, I had hoped I'd done a good job with the description. I'm so happy you liked it!