Thursday, 4 June 2015

Summer Camp Writing Prompt #1

The fabulous Ashley over at [insert title here] made up a writing game for the summer! She picks a prompt, and we write! Awesome! :D

This week's prompt (I literally got this in at the LAST POSSIBLE MOMENT, but don't worry, there'll be another one!) is this:

The stories I've seen have people wanting to go hang out with their beloved humans again, but my mind conjured a different story.....


Thallion, King of the Universal Realms and Guardian of the Twelve Races, watched his young protégé putter around the spherical Observatory room. Something was up. The stars that wheeled around the palace whispered that something was out of place.

Thallion glared at the younger god’s back, certainty rising. “Nex…the Infinity Keys are all in the vault, correct?”

Nex glanced back over his shoulder at his mentor, still shining a lens for the Dimensional Telescope. “Yeah, last I checked.”

“And all the Dark Matter was swept into the containment area?”

“Uh huh.”

“And all the races are in their proper dimensions?”

A brief moment of hesitation, then a tight, “Mhm.”

Thallion walked slowly across the Observatory, his robe shushing across the surface of the smooth, gleaming floor. “Nex…” he clapped a hand on Nex’s shoulder and spun him around to look in his eyes, “You’re missing the human race again, aren’t you?”

Panic flashed across Nex’s face, then was replaced by a sheepish grin. “Sorry?”

“NEXUS AURELIUS OBERON! HOW MANY TIMES MUST I TELL YOU TO KEEP AN EYE ON THE HUMANS?” Thallion thundered, his booming reproach filling the room and shaking the enormous telescope.

“I’m sorry!” Nex wailed, “They’re just so curious! I can barely keep them in the third dimension, they keep discovering ways out! Then I have to wipe their minds, and remove their research, and then they just start it up all over again! Can’t we just let them--”

Thallion straightened up. “NO, Nex!” he snapped. He pinched the bridge of his nose and took a calming breath. “We can’t. Not until they’ve advanced to the point where they can survive in another dimension. Until they have the proper technology, we’ve got to keep them where they’re relatively safe. They have enough problems with each other, the last thing they need is a whole new race to deal with. Find them. Put them back. Perform a planetary memory wipe.”

Nex sighed. “Yes, sire.” He pressed his eye to the telescope and began switching dimensional views. 

Thallion shook his head and ran a hand through his wild white hair. Never a dull moment with that kid. Those poor humans. 


And there you have it! My take on things. XD Well, that was certainly fun to write! I highly recommend joining! Just hop over to Ashley's blog and leave your link in the comments of the corresponding post, unless she's gotten a linky working by the time you get over there. :)


  1. But Thallion! I want to know the secrets of the universe and explore other dimensions too! *pouts* Nex is more fun...

    I love this! It's hilarious. :) The Dark Matter in a containment area, I like it all!

    Thanks so much for joining!

    1. Hahaha I'm glad you liked! It was super fun. ^.^ I'm very excited for the next prompt! :D

  2. That was so fun! I like the concept of us not being ready to meet another race because we can't handle interacting with our own yet. That really rings true to me.

    Visiting folks who liked my A-Z theme to let you know my pick your plot book, Armageddon, is on sale for $0.99 through Monday :)
    Hope you are doing well!

    1. Thanks! :D The "moral," if you want to call it that, sort of presented itself unexpectedly while I was typing his rant. X)

      Ok! I don't have any kind of kindle or ebook device (sadness), but I AM eyeballing that paperback.....
      I am, and I hope you are, as well! :)

  3. Love it, very original take. :)

    1. Haha, it's just what occurred to me the first time I saw the prompt, and then I couldn't let it go! XD Whoever came up with the prompt originally probably meant it to be used the way you and Ashley used it. ;D

  4. Haha, this is awesome. XD I love all the little details like the dark matter containment area, a dimensional telescope, etc. (And the word puttering. One of my favorite words.)

    By the way, I've stumbled across your blog numerous times, and am now finally following. Yay! *high fives fellow Canadian* I've been meaning to drop by officially ever since you followed my blog (thanks for that!), but work and life got in the way.

    Anyway, I love your original take on this! :D

    1. Yay followers and Canadians and friends!! :D *high fives back* Welcome! ^.^

      Hehehe thank you! It was fun to throw words together and pretend that I knew what they meant. The dimensional telescope worked well for the story, though. X) I'm so glad you liked! Do you think you'll join this "summer camp"? :)

    2. :D Thank you!

      Always fun to pretend you know what you're writing! XD With these short prompts, we can make all kinds of stuff up without having to figure out how it all works. This is actually the first time I've heard of this summer camp thing. How does it work? (And sorry for the LATE response!)

    3. Hehe no problem! And basically, you go to Ashley's blog and check out the current prompt. You can leave a comment to let her know you'll be participating, if you want.
      Then, just write whatever story you want to go with the prompt, and publish it before the deadline.
      Then just leave the link to your post in the linky gadget on HER post (just click the little blue "add your link" button at the bottom of the post). Simple! No stress, no mess, no fuss! :D Well, "simple" if I managed to explain it correctly. X)

  5. This is super fun! It's been way to long since I've read something you've written. Your voice is as strong as ever!

    I just might have to join up!

    1. Teehee! Thanks Sunny. ^.^ That might be due to the fact that I don't write very often anymore. X)

      YOU SHOULD YOU SHOULD YOU SHOULD!! I wanna read your stories! :D

  6. That was absolutely brilliant! Made me laugh -- and also, very well written. Top marks. I didn't get my story written in time ... though I have already started mine for prompt #2.

    Also, Rachel, I did the tag you gave me (albeit with some slight changes -- I did change it from screen to book!) and have tagged you back (it being, now, book characters!).

    1. Eeee! Thank you! :D I can't wait to read your prompt 2 story! I still have to start X)

      Haha, ok, thanks! I'll definitely try that! X)