Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Product Review - Mini Book Necklace, from PaperFuryInk on Etsy

So, you know Cait, over at Paper Fury? Spazzy YA fangirl, soon to be queen of the world? Yes. Did you know she also has an Etsy shop? Well, you do now! She sells gorgeous origami flower creations, and the most adorable mini book necklaces ever.

Back in March, I decided to buy one of these necklaces. Very affordable, less than 10 dollars! Anyway, she has a list of styles to select from, OR you can request a different cover for the same price. If you have a specific picture you want on the cover, you can send it along with the request (that's what I did).

I wanted a Sherlock Holmes cover which, at the time, wasn't listed. So I sent a request to Cait, who responded very promptly, answered all my questions, and was (of course) super friendly.  The details were cemented, and a mere day later, my item was shipped! And after approximately 3 weeks (the typical shipping time from Australia to Canada), I got it. And what a pretty thing it is:

the picture she sent me

here it is in my home

here it is lookin' sexy with my nicest SH copy

and here it is on me!

Well, it only took me THREE MONTHS (and Sunny's suggestion to make a post) before I finally made this post: that's not too bad. XD

In Conclusion:
Customer service: 5/5, very friendly, very helpful
Shipping time: 5/5, exactly what I was told it would be, product arrived intact
Picture vs reality: 5/5, the way it looks is the way it is, unlike a hamburger in a commercial

Overall satisfaction: Excellent, couldn't be happier.


  1. You own that book necklace selfie girl! This is such a cool little accessory!

    I will have to go check out that Etsy store:)

  2. AFJDLKSA THANK YOU FOR POSTING ABOUT IT, RACHEL. <3 I am wildly happy right now. (I just wish postage was faster, right?! Gah. When I do rule the world, I'm going to get postage moving faster *nods*) I shall tweet this link and share it in ALL THE PLACES. Because you are amazing.

    1. *whispers* Are you on twitter?

    2. *whispers* yes! Lol I'm @rachel_buscus. I believe I follow you, if that helps. X)

      Hehe! Well, you did a marvelous job with everything, and I was happy to wait. ^.^ I look forward to your world domination. ;D

  3. Oooh, I've seen some of her book necklaces and WOW DO I EVER WANT ONE. That's great to hear that it's such a sensible price and that the shipping time wasn't bad. (I'm in Canada too.) I really should buy one someday...maybe even make my own special request. :D

    1. You should! They're quite cute. ^.^ and YAY CANADIANS! :D