Thursday, 23 April 2015

T is for The Twilight Zone

An oldie but a goodie, today! The Twilight (which I always want to type as "twighlight") Zone ran from 1959-1964 on CBS and UPN. It was created by Rod Serling, and 80 of its 150+ episodes were written by him.

they changed the intro around the 3rd season

This show is old, but its creepy. It once freaked me out with a plate of fudge. You heard me! Fudge! That was in Young Man's Fancy, if you're interested, and gave off some seriously Psycho-esque vibes.
But some episodes can be really, really cute. Like One for the Angels, The Night of the Meek, and Kick the Can.

If there's one thing this show loves to do, it's give you a twist ending. Like, "Lol the earth isn't hurtling towards the sun! That was just a dream you had in a fevered state!....The earth is hurtling AWAY from the sun, we're all going to freeze to death tonight." The end. Literally. That was an episode. The Midnight Sun. Spoilers. X)

Rod himself opens and closes every episode with a bit of dramatic narration, in his deep, somewhat murmuring voice. Like this:

Available on Canadian Netflix: No

I would highly recommend this show to anyone and everyone. Even if you're easily scared, its ok! So am I! But I can handle this quite well. But if you're way into horror movies, I'd still recommend this. It's a different kind of scary than you get today. And it's different every episode! And if you just really hate watching things in black and white.....get over yourself, will you? Thanks.


  1. I LOVED, LOVED the Twilight Zone as a kid. Still do. Instilled a life long love for horror, sci-fi and the creepy in me.

    Tim Brannan, The Other Side Blog
    2015 A to Z of Vampires

    1. Hehe I'm a little averse to horror stuff (at least, I should be, since I become VERY EASILY TERRIFIED), but I really love this show! We have all the seasons! XD

  2. I miss Twilight Zone. Creepy good

    1. Yes, its so clever and fascinating! :D

  3. I was a huge fan of twilight Zone and am a sucker for big plot twist endings . Probably why I read, watch and write crime fiction and thrillers . Just stopped by from the challenge to say hi.
    Melissa Sugar
    Twitter @msugar13

    1. Twist endings are always SO COOL AND MINDBLOWING! They make the book/show/movie more memorable. ^.^ Thanks for stopping by! :D