Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Splash of Ink Linkup: My Beautiful Bookshelf

Two posts today! Lucky you! My good friend Sunny over at A Splash of Ink is having a linkup party!! :D Go check out her blog if you haven't already: she's AMAZEBALLS. ^.^

This linkup party is all about your bookshelf! Who doesn't love to show off that beloved piece of furniture overflowing with glorious glorious books?

She also gave us a prompt, in case we didn't know where to start. Which is always helpful. :)

First off: MY BOOKSHELF!

I'm missing one Klassen book (the colorful books with people's faces on them on the top shelf) that I lent to a friend, and the giant space left near Eon is for Eona, which should arrive in the mail tomorrow!

And then there's also this bookshelf, in the spare room, where we put some of our overflow. I show you this because several of the books on here are mine, or USED to be on my shelf before I replaced them with newer stuff (aka allll of those Nancy Drew books. I don't have room for that!):

Also, the gap on the second shelf from the bottom is for the last two Harry Potter books, which we don't have yet. All the other gaps are just extra space (yay extra space!).

The Questions:
1. If you can, share a picture of your bookshelves (piles of books, boxes of books, anywhere you store your books) or describe the set-up you have. Done that!

2. How do you sort your books? Author, genre, not at all? I sort my books by height, actually, but I usually keep authors together also. I always keep series together, even if it means messing up the height thing, like THAT ONE PIRATE BOOK IN THE TOP LEFT RAWRGH!! So the height thing is not exact, but I'm please enough with it. :) And on the overflow shelf, it's sorted by what books can fit on the surprisingly small shelves. XD

3. Do you have any special trinkets or decorations on your shelves, or are they purely business? lol did you SEE that picture? I have notebooks and candles and jars and trinkets and office supplies and an old old Barbie dresser that holds my pens. And then on the shelves themselves, I have some pretty-looking spare bookmarks, and some of my favorite stuffed animals (don't judge me, I'm just sentimental!). And sometimes my cat sits on the overflow shelf. :)

4. What genre dominates your bookshelf? Or what genres make up your bookshelf? My interests span a wide variety of genres, but it looks like the Fantasy genre and the Historical Romance genre take up most of my limited space. And the overflow shelf just has....everything. 

5. Are there any books on your shelf that you're particularly proud of? Proud? Well....I don't have any first editions or awesome thrift-shop steals. Although I did get Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children at a second-hand store, and I do love that book. Oh, same with The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes! So those ones, I guess. Also, Monster on the far top left there, because I was a beta reader for that one, and love reading the author's blog. Authoress? Whatever. And maybe Eon, because I almost didn't read it, but I did and really enjoyed it, enough to order the sequel off of Amazon. And on the overflow shelf.....idk. Lotsa classics, there. X)

6. What is the ratio between read books and TBR books on your shelf? Currently my shelf has 60 read books, 5 TBR books, three textbooks (which technically count as "read" books), two "read" comic books, a magazine-type-thing from a petstore (don't ask why I kept it, but it has also been "read"), and a drawing how-to book so thin it might as well be a magazine (TBR, since I've only lightly skimmed it). SOOO, final count: 66 "read" things and 6 TBR things. 7 TBR things if you count the book I'll get tmw. 

As for the overflow shelf: Oh geez. I can't remember which Nancy Drew books I have or have not read. Hang on...*looks at pictures and counts things*. Ok, on the overflow shelf, 77 have been read by me, and 71 have not been read by me. And only 16 WILL be read by me. And then there's also a little red dictionary in there. X)

7. What is the most recent addition to your bookshelf? Eona comes tomorrow, as I've mentioned like three times, so that's an addition FROM THE FUTURE!!! :O And I just bought Hollow City at Walmart not too long ago (and at a discount! Thanks Walmart!). Aaaannd....OH! lol how could I have forgotten? Sunny just gave me How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You two days ago! ^.^ Thanks again, Sunny! 

8. Describe your dream bookshelf setup.Well, a bigger bookshelf, for one thing. I need more space. My dream bookshelf is tall and whitewashed and pretty, and probably wouldn't fit in my room in real life. So my dream bookshelf involves a different dream room, also. In my dream bookshelf, all the books in each series are from THE SAME FREAKING EDITION respectively, so that they're all the same in height and appearance. In my dream bookshelf, I have enough space to keep aaallll of my book on it without laying them on their side to stack them up, and without having to put books in front of other books (an impossible feat for some, but I don't have a thousand personally-owned books). My dream bookshelf is beautiful and flawlessly organized. X)

Other Rambling:
....Well, I don't have anything else to say about my bookshelf, but...do you see? Do you SEE?? Do you see what kind of awesome ramble-y bragging book-based blog post HAVOC you could wreak with this linkup? Its fun. Do it. We all want to know what your bookshelf looks like! Head over to A Splash of Ink and enrich your life. Or at least your blog. ;)


  1. This is so cool! I have to say, I thought it was kind of weird that you arrange your books by size, but then, that's not something I would have thought to do, so it's also cool and unique! This is really cool, though, and I love seeing your thought process when it comes to looking at your bookshelf! :D I look forward to posting my own of this tomorrow! :D

    1. Hahaha it IS weird! It's just always been a thing with me, that the tallest books go next to a bookshelf wall so that they're less obnoxiously obvious, and from that came a need for a height descent. XD So now I just always order my books tallest to shortest, like a line of kindergartners.

      I look forward to reading yours! :D

  2. EEEEEE!!!! You did it:D Thankyouthankyouthankyou!

    I got such a kick out of reading this. Your OCD really shines through, tehe. That pirate book makes me twitch. Why do different editions even exist?!

    1. Hehehe you're so welcome! It was really fun! :D <3

      LOL yes, if my OCD-ish-ness is present in anything, its in how my bookshelves look. XD ARGH DIFFERENT EDITIONS! At least keep the height and spine art all the same, even if you change the front and back covers, so that it looks nice on the bookshelf!!

  3. I always try to go by height, but I have given up. I don't have a bookshelf, just piles and one windowsill. 'The Dragon Keeper Chronicles', 'House', and 'Monster' by Mirriam Neal, I have all those. You know what they say about great minds, thinking alike and all. You have great taste.

    1. Really? No bookshelf? :O Wow! *cannot comprehend* XD Piles of books can be so artistic, tho! Hahaha, great minds DO think alike! You have marvelous taste, as well. X) ;D

    Haha, really, this is impressive *applause*

    Your bookshelves really are beautiful. Great job on keeping them so orderly! (I am not even kidding; I consider this to be a major accomplishment). :)

    1. Haha thank you! They say that having a tidy bookshelf makes the whole room feel cleaner. Idk. It might be true. My room can never be too clean for me (I'm sort of a neat freak, you know)! XD LOL! Thanks so much for following!! :D

      Also, I love the look of your blog. The wood background plus the green header and links? Lovely. :)