Wednesday, 22 April 2015

S is for...

I said before that I was only going to do three of these multiple-show posts, but that turned out to be false. I will be doing it for E, P, S, and W.

Today I have four, count 'em, FOUR shows to mention! Buuut since these challenge posts are technically supposed to be brief, I shall simply write a haiku about each of them! Yay haikus! And yes, that's all you get about each of them. It will prevent flailing and fangirling.

S is for Sherlock!
Network: BBC One
Ran: 2010-present
Available on Canadian Netflix: Yes
My personal rating: 5/5 stars

Cute sociopath
Three episodes per season

Sorry, they’re not gay

S is for Sleepy Hollow!
Network: FOX
Ran: 2013-present
Available on Canadian Netflix: No
My personal rating: 4 and a half/5 stars

sorry for the bad video quality

He woke from the past
The apocalypse draws near
This town is creepy

S is for Star Trek!
Network: (TOS) NBC, (TNG) syndicated
Ran: (TOS) 1966-1969, (TNG) 1987-1994
Available on Canadian Netflix: (TOS) No, (TNG) Yes
My personal rating: (TOS) 4 and a half/5, (TNG) 5/5

From classic to new
To boldly go into space
Will never get old

S is for Supernatural!
Network: the CW, the WB
Ran: 2005-present
Available on Canadian Netflix: Yes
My personal rating: 4/5

this is a fan-made trailer, but it's really good. contains spoilers for season 1 episode 1, tho. But meh.

The fandom has feels
Two hot bros fight hot people
Angst, badasses, pie

And that's all I'm gonna say about any of that, not matter how bad I want to fangirl and/or rant.


  1. *squeals because Sherlock and Supernatural* I AM A RABID SUPERWHOLOCKIAN. I am in love with these shows. I can literally organize different stages of my life into different fandoms. Sherlock will always remind me of summer and moving into our current house, because my parents were painting rooms of the house as I devoured episode after episode. Supernatural will always remind me of NaNoWriMo and Christmas because I watched all 9 and 1/2 seasons from November to early January. Yes, I was a wee bit obsessed. If a wee bit means completely.

    (Also, I might have the teeniest crush on Jensen Ackles . . .)

    1. Superwholock!! :D I'm not rabid, but...I'm there. I stand in the background of the fandoms and peer at what the super-invested people are doing. X) I've watched the first three seasons of Sherlock multiple times, but I've only gotten to about season 6 of Supernatural. Idk. The whole "God gave up on you all, let's pal around with demons to fight the evil angels" thing makes me facepalm so hard I can hardly enjoy the show anymore. I liked it best when it was just monster-of-the-week stuff. XD

      (But yes, Jensen is just a beautiful human being. Jared, too! ^.^)

    2. Oh gosh, you're getting close to some of my favorite seasons! I absolutely adored S5 (especially the finale), but it did dip for a little bit in S6 and S7. Have you seen "The French Mistake," though? One of my all-time favorite episodes of any TV show ever! That, "Fan-Fiction," "Swan Song," "The End," and basically anything with the Ghostfacers and Chuck/his books are my favorite episodes.

      Also, in S7 then introduce a character whom I adore with every fiber in my body. Her name is Charlie. She's played by Felicia Day. She's totally, absolutely, freaking awesome.

      Stick with it, you'll be hooked again in no time! :)

    3. I don't THINK I've seen any of those episodes...! I did like the one where the trickster trapped them in several different "tv channels". Changing Channels, I think it was called? XD and lol Chuck. He's a great character, but also another reason why I sorta stopped watching it. "The Gospel of Winchester?" Yes, let's add to the Bible, that's not forbidden at all..... X) Also, YAY Felicia Day! :D

      Lol ok, if you say so. I do regret dropping away from it sometimes, since everyone seems to love it so much. I'll probably give it another go. I might start over from season 1, tho. Just for fun. And bc I can barely remember what they're doing and what all has happened, since its been so long since I last watched the show. X)

  2. Yes for Sherlock, and Sleepy Hollow is on my 'to be watched' list. I have seen three Supernatural episode's and I like it, but at this moment I can't binge watch another show just yet. Once I am done Teen Wolf, I will watch them all. XD

    1. Woot Sherlock!! :D And Sleepy Hollow's pretty good! Now that I think about it, it does the whole, "Let's horribly misquote, misinterpret, and misrepresent Bible verses and stuff" thing that Supernatural does, but...oh well to both. It's just fiction, I suppose I can get over it. XD LOL! Have fun with your binge watching sprees! :D


    And Supernatural...yeeeah. I know it's amazing and stuff and I WANT to watch it, but I just can't with the way they portray God and everything. It makes me really angry.


      And I KNOWWW!! As soon as they started doing stopped being fun to watch. :P Love the fandom, though. They're funny. XD

  4. Sherlock, Star Trek, yes, you've won my heart. I've only seen TNG, so I guess I'm not a Star Trek connoisseur, but I still enjoy it. :)

    1. Haha well, I've only seen a few TOS episodes. I'm mostly a TNG girl, myself. Sir Patrick Stewart is king. XD <3 aaanyway, I'm not a Star Trek connoisseur either. There's like 7 different shows, or something. X) And SHERLOCK!! He, in all of his various reincarnations, is my favorite fictional character. ^.^