Saturday, 18 April 2015

P is for...

Look! Another day of multiple shows! I'm so indecisive. ^.^

First up for the challenge today is Person of Interest!

Network: CBS
Ran: 2011-present
Available on Canadian Netflix: No

Um, OMG. Awesomeawesomeawesome. This show is the coolest thing ever. John Reese is unflappable and indestructible and suave, and everything you'd want the person saving your life to be. Harold Finch is an incomparable technological genius, a softspoken rich gentleman, and a mystery, even to John,  When Harold's beyond-top-secret machine gives them a social security number, they must figure out if the person will be the victim of a violent crime, or the perpetrator of one, and stop the crime from happening. I swear, there's nothing these two can't do, and I love them SO MUCH. XD <3

If you like thrilling mystery-crime-solving, high-stakes secrets, and a defender of justice who is basically perfection, you'll definitely enjoy this show!

Next up for the challenge, Psych!

Network: USA Network
Ran: 2006-2014
Available on Canadian Netflix: Yes

OK YOU GUYS. THIS. THIS SHOW. THIS IS MY NUMBER ONE FAVORITE SHOW OF ALL TIME. And whyyyy?? BECAUSE IT'S SO STINKIN' FUNNY!! I have a very random, goofy sense of humor. And this show is 2% crime solving, and 98% general tomfoolery and nonsense, calling Gus by names that make no sense, and telling Gus not to be things.

Oh and also, Shawn mis-saying something, Gus correcting him, and Shawn saying "I've heard it both ways."

Shawn has Sherlock-Holmes style powers of observation, thanks to his own natural talent and relentless coaching from his policeman dad. He is also the most immature man-child you'll ever be baffled to meet. Gus is Shawn's best friend since childhood. He is responsible, and actually hold a job (which Shawn always makes fun of, but which comes in extremely useful several times). Together, they pretend that Shawn is psychic, so that he won't be arrested (see pilot episode for reasons). And for the next 8 seasons and one musical movie, they crash around Santa Barbara, flailing and flirting and never ever doing what they're told. It's great fun.

If you want a show that's fun and lighthearted and clever and goofy, but also with the occasional scary-ish episode, OMG WATCH THIS SHOW! JUST WATCH IT REGARDLESS, OK?!?!?

From Season 1, episode 15: Scary Sherry: Bianca's Toast


  1. I am definitely growing to love POI! John and Reese have the BEST bromance (except for maybe Arthur and Merlin):P

    1. I KNOW I LOVE THEIR BROMANCE AAAHHH! *breathes deeply to calm down* Ahem. I'm glad you like it! XD


    "And this show is 2% crime solving, and 98% general tomfoolery and nonsense, calling Gus by names that make no sense, and telling Gus not to be things."
    Bwahaha! Best description of Psych ever. XD

    Shawn and Gus are. the. best.

    1. EEEEEEE I LOVE PSYCH SO MUCH!! Did you watch the musical? Isn't is hilariously STUPID?!?! XD <3

    2. I DID watch the musical. It was definitely completely ridiculous. XDDD But...I kind of loved it. Hahaha. I do remember when they announced they were doing a musical I was just like, "Wut?" Lolzy. But it was great!