Monday, 13 April 2015

K is for Kim Possible

My first cartoon of the theme!

This show is/was basically the best cartoon EH-VAH!! Or at least, the best cartoon of the early 2000's (it ran from 2002-2007).

You know what? I don't even have to blather on about why this show rocked. Buzzfeed has already done that for me!

29 Reasons Kim Possible was the Best Disney Channel Show of the 00's

27 Signs from Kim Possible that Proved Middleton High was the Best School

21 Signs You're Actually Dr. Drakken from "Kim Possible"

Basically, this show was da bomb. ^.^

Available on Canadian Netflix: No


  1. Oh my gosh! This show rocked! I found a link on Pinterest to ALL the episodes posted online. It's just finding the time to do some binge watching of Kim Possible haha. But seriously Kim Possible was the BEST show ever!

    1. YUSSSS HIGH FIVE FELLOW FAN (oo, alliteration!)! I'd found that on Pinterest too, but when I clicked on the link later, the video had been removed. :P Hopefully yours still works! I'm definitely gonna have to find this show online and watch EVERY EPISODE! In order, no less. X) I have no idea how many I saw/missed when I watched them as a kid.

    2. *HIGH FIVE*

      I haven't checked it in a while but last I checked it worked! and haha yeah. I probably missed so many when I was a kid but I loved the ones I did watch haha

  2. KIM POSSIBLE. YESSSSH. I LOVE that show! In fact, I've watched and love most of the shows you've posted so far. The Addams Family is obviously a classic. *nods, nods* Then Boy Meets World, oh my goodness YES. I adore that show and have watched every episode like a millions times (and still do XD). DOCTOR WHO ALWAYS. Eureka, YES. Gosh I miss that show. It was so fun. Annnd...I may love iCarly as well. *cough* Basically, you have really good taste in TV!

    Now I really, really want to go rewatch all the Kim Possibles... It's been so long since I've seen it.

    Oh! I got so happily geeky I nearly forgot. I've tagged you over at my blog for the 777 Writing Challenge. ^_^ You can find it here: DEFINITELY nothing you have to do whatsoever, but I wanted to pass it your way.

    1. EEEEEE! Thanks! I certainly enjoy it (my taste in tv, that is). ;)

      AAAHHH IM EXCITED!!! :D It's short, so I'm going to do it RIGHT NOW! XD..........actually, I'll do it Sunday, so it gets it's own day, and isn't smothered by April Blogging Challenge posts. X)

  3. My kids LOVED Kim Possible. I have to admit I thought it was fantastic too.

    Tim Brannan, The Other Side Blog
    2015 A to Z of Vampires

    1. Some "kids" shows are just surprisingly GREAT, aren't they? :D