Tuesday, 7 April 2015

F is for Firefly

Welcome to day 6 of the A-Z April Blogging Challenge! Today for F I chose the famous (or infamous) Joss Whedon sci-fi show, Firefly.

This is more or less the opening theme to the show, with the lyrics inserted.

If you've heard of it at all, then you may know it was much loved and ridiculously short-lived, to every fan's anger. And it's only gotten more popular since it's cancellation. Because who wouldn't love a show about rogue space cowboys 500 years in the future?

It ran from 2002-2003, and had only 14 episodes. And a movie, which killed any hope for the show's revival by killing a character or two. Like, "HA! You want the show back NOW?? Without these two? Yeah, that's right, you go cry in a corner, stupid fan." lol I sound like a bitter fan myself, but I'm not. I've only seen the first 7 episodes, and that was like 10 years after the fact. I do wonder about show cancellations, though. What causes a wildly popular show to just....shut down?

Anywho, if you like Nathan Fillion, then you'll like this show! Since it was 12 years ago now, he looks pretty adorable in the show, even though he's playing a tough ship captain. XD HA! I'm sure that's not what he'd like to hear. Whoops, oh well. 

If you want a show you can binge-watch in one, maybe two sittings, or want to go for a short-lived wild ride in the wild west OF THE FUTURE, then watch this show! :D

Available on Canadian Netflix: Yes


  1. asdlkfjasdlkfjadslfjdsf This show is my life. XD I have watched the whole series three times and the movies twice. And I own them all. And I have two Firefly t-shirts and a sweatshirt.

    Basically, I'm in love. And I pretend that the people who died didn't. FIREFLY FOREVER.

    1. Hahaha that's basically my response whenever someone dies in a show I love. Just "NOPE THEY DIDN'T DIE THEY'RE FINE EVERYONE'S FINE LET ME WRITE A FANFICTION AND REDO THAT HORRIBLE ENDING SO THAT EVERYONE'S HAPPY LIKE THEY SHOULD BE." XD Even if I don't physically rewrite the ending of the show/movie, I'll think about how I'd get them out of that fatal pickle. X)

  2. Huge Firefly fan! As hard as it is to watch the characters dying in the movie, I think the storyline could continue past that. I even have a few plot ideas I've dreamed up in my own head, which include a new Alliance/Independents war starting to heat up on Persephone, which turns into a truce on account of THE BIGGEST REAVER ATTACK EVER! :P