Friday, 3 April 2015

C is for Corner Gas

Day 3 of the A-Z April Blogging Challenge! Wooot! Watch me blog this Sunday; I'm so gonna forget that I don't have to. XD

Today I chose the all-Canadian comedy from the early 2000's: Corner Gas!

Now, if you're not Canadian, you mayyy not have heard of this one. I don't know how popular it was outside of Canada. But inside Canada? Very popular.

Ok. Where to start with this one? It ran from 2004-2009, and--woah! Apparently just came out with a movie December of 2014? Huh. Learn something new every day. :)

Set in rural Saskatchewan, each episode of the show usually has 3 separate plot lines, that may or may not connect at some point(s). We laugh, cringe, and facepalm at the misadventures of:
Brent, the owner of the only gas station for miles
Lacy, the owner of the only coffee shop for miles
Hank, the town idiot (and that's saying something)
Wanda, the smart, sassy, fierce, gas station employee
Oscar, Brent's totally idiotic, grumpy, ever-complaining father
Emma, Brent's long-suffering, sarcastic, not-to-be-messed-with mother
Davis, the dumber, lazier half of the local law enforcement
Karen, the slightly less dumb, more professional half of the local law enforcement
Other idiots who live in the town
Famous Canadians as guest stars

I don't know. Maybe you have to be Canadian to like this goofy little show. Or maybe many other people OUTSIDE Canada have seen and enjoyed this show too, and I'm simply unaware. All I know is; we own all 6 seasons and are rewatching them again as we speak! Well.....not at this SECOND, as I type this, but over the past couple weeks.

Anyway, we really like this show. It pokes fun at itself, and at basically everything else, too. It's stupid and silly and funny and quirky. And stuff.

Here's the first episode, if you care to take a gander. They're only 22 minutes long. 


Available on Canadian Netflix: No


  1. Ha! It certainly is quirky and, while not for me, I can see the appeal for others.

    2015 A to Z Blogger
    Visions of Other Worlds

    1. Hahah yeahhh, it's a little strange. XD Thanks for visiting! :D

  2. Corner Gas is the best. I love to watch it when I visit my friend. She lives in a small town in Saskatchewan. It's actually not far from where they filmed the series. :)

    1. That's so cool!! :D Are you from the States, then?
      Thanks for popping by, and--OOOO! And for following! :D <3

    2. Nope I'm Canadian, I watch it at home too. It is just better watching it in Saskatchewan. Your Welcome :)

    3. Ahhh, I see! Haha, I imagine it would be! ^.^

  3. #YouKnowYou'reCanadianWhen.... Haha just kidding. Anyways. I LOVE Corner Gas! Such a funny show :P (Still have yet to see the movie that came out a while ago though...) I've actually been to Dog River too! I was about 10 when I went and then just recently my aunt gave me her old sweater she bought when we were there so now I have some Corner Gas Merch. (Woooh! *fangirl freakout*) ......Anyways. Love love LOVE Corner Gas :D