Friday, 20 March 2015

A Look at the Book - Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, and Hollow City, by Ransom Riggs

First of all, Ransom Riggs, awesome name. Makes me think of ... pirates?

Continuing on, I have to say, I love more than just his name. I love his books! The Peculiar Children trilogy (well, I've only read the first two so far) is a delicious swirl of clever, intriguing, and involving, with a spoonful of suspense and a light dash of creepy. And the pictures!!! It's so cool how the author collected "peculiar" pictures and wove them seamlessly and brilliantly into the story. Can you say AWESOME? Go on, say it. Awesome.

Well, I don't wanna spoil too much (because I want you to read them yourself), but in the first book, our 16-year-old hero Jacob experiences a trauma he can't quite seem to shake, because he can't escape the feeling that the source of his trauma is still there, lurking.
Hunting him.
And it is.
Due to REASONS, he and his father take a trip to a remote island off the coast of Wales, where Jacob discovers the crumbling, abandoned ruins of the Home. But somehow, someway, though the house had been violently destroyed a good 70 years ago, it's residents might still be....alive. And dangerous.

In the SECOND book, ten children and a bird flee from two separate wars, and experience more trauma and see more horrific sights than any child should ever have to see. And it's all downhill from there. But you just ROOT SO HARD for them!! And they repay that confidence by kicking BUTT! is the middle of a trilogy, the ending has to draw you into the third book. And it does! Oh, it does. I can't wait to read the third one!

Anyway, I really like these books. ^.^ And they were both New York Times bestsellers, so I'm not the only one. ;)

There's quite a few characters, but at first, it's just Jacob, and his boring parents. Then you meet all the others! And I have to say, Riggs does an amazing, amazing job of not only keeping all of the characters involved in the story and dialogue, but of giving each character a unique personality and unique skills. Everyone is useful, everyone is involved, and it's glorious.

Anyway, we have:
Jacob - our ever frightened, never cowardly hero.
Emma - our hero's spirited flame.
Millard - the scholarly nudist (he's only nude for convenience's sake).
Olive - adorable, but a light breeze could be the end of her.
Bronwyn - the biggest heart, and the widest shoulders.
Horace - a small medium in a large hat.
Enoch - plays with dead things.
Hugh - resident beekeeper.
Claire - the mouthy one.
Fiona - the gardener.

After you've finished reading the books, please come back here and review this character list. Just do it.

I love them!! The characters, the story, the descriptions, the pictures, the whole enchilada! I want tacos! Which are not the same thing; but then, I always want tacos.


5/5 hearts, would read again! Highly recommended.


  1. Great review! I've been thinking about picking this book up (mostly because the title is great and let's face it the cover is lovely!). Now I think I'd better go ahead and give it a try.

    1. Do it do it do it!! :D Lol I don't wanna build them up in your mind too much, lest you be disappointed, but I just really enjoy them, and think everyone should read them. XD

  2. I've seen these books around, never picked them up. Perhaps it will end up being read someday. :) Thanks for your thoughts.

    1. Hehe I probably wouldn't have picked them up either, but I found the first one on Goodreads, and it let me read the first chapter and a half, or something, and then I was hooked. XD

  3. Aw this is fun!! I AGREE with your pirate assessment. His name is perfect for so many things. I mean, his parents sound endlessly fascinating.

    I do want to read the books one day, if for no other reason than the pictures. (Is that bad? Well it's true.) And every time I am in Sam's Club, the book is there, at a very low price, and one day, I WILL buy it, and I promise to come back and visit your character list!

    Oh and random sidenote: I ADORE that you use playing cards as your rating! That is fabulous!
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

    1. They do! I always want to meet parents who give their kids names that are a bit different. X)

      You should! I got my dad to start reading them. He's not very far into the first one, but he's enjoying it so far! ;D

      Lol actually, I've been using different things each time, but now that you mention it......playing cards would be fun, make sense, and be easier than trying to find something different everytime....! *lightbulb moment* haha thanks, Shannon!

  4. Great review, I only read Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children of these, haven't had time to pick of Hollow City yet :-( Will have to try to find a copy after your review though!

    Em @ The YA Book Butterfly

    1. Yes, you should definitely read it! :D Glad you enjoyed! :)