Sunday, 11 January 2015

To Be Read 2015

I made a tbr post before, but the beauty of a to-be-read pile is that it's always changing!


*heavy breathing*

Left pile, top to bottom:
Nightmare's Edge
Eternity's Edge
Beyond the Reflection's Edge
The Tide of Unmaking
Venom and Song
The Curse of the Spider King
Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, Inheritance

Middle pile, top to bottom:
Mansfield Park
Deryni Rising
Deryni Checkmate
High Deryni
The Dancing Master
The Ransom
The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
Pride and Prejudice
The Errant King
Sword in the Stars

Right pile, top to bottom:
Gone Girl
Monster Slayers
Harry Potter 5
Harry Potter 4
Harry Potter 3
Harry Potter 2
Northanger Abbey
Sense and Sensibility
By Reason of Insanity

It was bigger at the beginning of the year. Mentally add 4 already-read books and the last two Harry Potter books which we don't own yet, and that's what my pile looked like at the beginning of the year! Well, metaphorically. I don't actually keep them in a pile. LOL that'd take up a lot of space!

As a side note, there are many, many more book in my house that I've not read than what I've listed here. But I don't know if there's enough time in the world to read them all.  o.0

*looks back at the picture* Y'know....... why do I feel like the pile isn't big enough?!?


  1. Wow. You have a) a lot of hidden books in your house and b) a pretty daunting tbr pile! I've read quite a few of those books in your pile! You should read HP first!! Also, Skin by Ted Dekker was VERY creepy, fair warning.

    Good luck! Also, did you do a Goodreads challenge for a certain amount of books this year?

    1. LOL well, dad's got probably 150-200 old books (mostly westerns) ona big bookshelf in Ian's room, which you never really would have seen. And then there's a few more books on Ian's personal shelf I don't really care to read (eg Game of Thrones), and then several on another bookshelf I'm not all that interested in. XD

      LOL good old Ted. XD Consider me warned. ;D

      Yep! I set it to 75. Idk if I can reach it, but I'll give it a good go. ;D

  2. That is a beautiful pile of books. The only one I've read out of there is Dreamtreaders...which I wasn't that fond of, but I liked his other books so idk. Maybe I should give it another go :) :)
    How long is it gonna take you to read those all lol??

    1. Ehh, we're just big fans of Batson around here. We have, if not all, then MOST of his works. XD

      I set my Goodreads 2015 reading goal to 75, and there's about 40 books there, so HOPEFULLY they'll all be devoured this year. ;D

  3. That is quite an ambitious list my friend, but you know, books lists tend to...expand. Looks like you'll be getting your fair share of Jane Austen this year. Have fun!

    1. Yes, they do. This one has certainly expanded from last year, and most of the same books are on it. But last time, it was more a, "I want to read these at some point" list, rather than a, "I'm going to read all of these this year" list. ^.^

      Ugh, yes. I know she's a classic, but I've had a bookmark in Pride and Prejudice for MONTHS and I just...caaaan't.....LOL but I will at some point in 2015. XD