Thursday, 15 January 2015

Bookworm Problems Tag

I wasn't tagged for this, but who cares?! I LOVE TAGS!!! :D I am a tag fiend, a thief in the virtual night, stalking the interwebs, looking for unsuspecting tags to chloroform and drag home with me...! Or, I just do tags that I like, regardless of invitation. XD

You have 20.000 books on your TBR. How in the world do you decide what to read next?
I actually DO HAVE 20000 BOOK IN MY TBR except it's actually like 43. And the way I decide.... Umm....Length of novel (is it intimidating? Do I have time for this right now?), what I just finished reading (Do I want to read another period romance RIGHT AFTER a period romance? Should I jump to a thriller? To the next Harry Potter?), and author (Do I know this author? Do I love this author?). Also I might just try reading the first page and see if it grabs me at that moment or not.

You’re halfway through a book and you’re just not loving it. Do you quit or commit?
Gaaarblaarghhhaaaarrshhhssnnnfff! *troll noises* According to the three books on my shelf that have had untouched bookmarks in them for MONTHS AND MONTHS, I procrastinate with the utmost urgency, hoping one day I'll be brave enough to return to them. Or, if I really, absolutely hate it, I'll qui--no, wait. *thinks backs to books I've hated* No, I might actually finish them. Right now I can only think of three books I quit on, and I didn't HATE two of them, I just.....gradually....stopped, with nary a bookmark for hope. The other one gave me great discomfort, so I gave it back to the library like, "What have you done to me?"

The end of the year is coming and you’re so close, but so far away on your Goodreads reading challenge. Do you try to catch up and how?
Weeellll, this is my first year doing the Goodreads reading challenge, so I can't say with any certainty. But unless I'm like, two or three books away, I probably won't worry about it. ^.^

The covers of a series you love do. not. match. How do you cope?
*troll noises so hideous I won't even try to type them* LOOK AT THIS... *strains to find appropriate word* ...MESS: 

The Redemption, Restitution, Reliance, and FREAMING RANSOM ALL GO TOGETHER EXCEPT NOT IN FORMAT.


I DON'T EVEN UNDERSTAND! WHY DO THEY CHANGE THE FORMAT?? Ugh, so basically, I just shelve them in chronological order and DEAL. 

Everyone and their mother love a book you really don’t like. Who do you bond with over shared feelings?
People of the Internet!! Seriously, there's a person for every opinion out there, and someone probably shares yours! Like when I posted about not liking Divergent, there were a couple people who commented and said they felt the same way. Thanks, guys! ;D

You’re reading a book and you are about to start crying in public. How do you deal?
OK THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED ONCE LET ME TELL YOU A STORY it's not actually much of a story, you already have most of the facts. Let me just elaborate and go on and on unnecessarily. 

SO! I was in the dentist's office, waiting for my turn, and I'm flipping through a book they have there, which was a collection of continuous For Better or Worse comic strips (yes it still counts as a book shut up). And in one of the comics nearer to the back of the book was about the family's toddler, April, and their faithful, goofy dog that had been there since the beginning of the strip, Farley. 
One day, April is playing in the backyard after a big storm had swept through town. And she sees that someone left the gate open! Today's her lucky day! Innocent, thoughtless, and curious as any other toddler, April wanders out, and big, fluffy Farley follows her happily. Away they go, until they reach the river. And in the river is a little toy boat. April wants that boat. Remember I mentioned a big storm? The banks were slippery, and the water was higher, and faster. April fell in. She can't swim. She went under. 
Farley jumps in and finds her. Grabs her jacket in his teeth and pulls her up, keeping her head above the water. By this time of course, the family has realized their absence and come looking. They find the pair and frantically reach for them, the dad begging silently Please, if I never do anything else in my whole life, let me do this. He catches them, and pulls them out of the water. THE DAY IS SAVED! APRIL IS SAVED! FARLEY IS A HERO! FARLEY IS...exhausted. Farley is old. Farley lays down. "Daddy, he's not breathing!!" Farley doesn't get back up again. 

Animal deaths, man. They GET ME. THEY GET ME SO HARD. THEY GET ME RIGHT IN THE FEELS. Especially if it's a heroic death, sacrificing their life for the life of a person they love. And so I'm sitting in the dentists office with my dad and the receptionist and maybe another patient, and I can feel that burning, stinging hotness behind my eyes, and moisture building on the edges. I'm like NO FREAKING NO I WILL NOT CRY RIGHT NOW THE DENTIST COULD COME OUT AT ANY TIME MY DAD WILL LOOK AT ME LIKE I NEED THERAPY GET IT TOGETHER WOMAN. And so I closed the book until I got ahold of my emotions. Then, I thought it would make me feel better to look at the last few comics in the book. It's been quite a few pages, quite a few comics. They should be past this by now, back to their lives. But NO! Freaking NO! The comic I see is their teenage girl, Liz, walking with her best friend, and they are TALKING ABOUT FARLEY and I forget most of what was said, but at the end, Liz says something to the effect of, "Sometimes, I swear I can hear his tags jingling." AND WHO IS RUNNING BEHIND HER WITH A HUGE GRIN ON HIS FACE BUT THE SPIRIT OF FARLEY. I slammed the book shut, threw it back on the shelf and tried with great difficulty to contain my distress.

And so, the short version of this absurdly long answer would be: I stop reading until I can have some privacy to grieve as I need to. 

A sequel of a book you loved just came out, but you’ve forgotten a lot from the prior novel. Will you re-read the book? Skip the sequel? Try to find a synopsis on Goodreads? Cry in frustration?!
Cry in frustration. And depends, on how much I remember from the previous book(s), and how much I enjoyed them the first time around. For example, I got Sovereign more than a year (maybe two years? Can't remember) after I'd read the first two book in the series. I TRIED to reread the series, but it wasn't happening. But, since I remembered a good deal of what had happened, I just read the last chapter in the second book and went on to the third with little difficulty. BUT! We just got The Tide of Unmaking, the third book in a series I haven't read for a good three years at least. I don't remember a single thing that happened in those other books, but I do remember enjoying them. So, I'm going to reread them. Yes, they're already in my TBR pile. X)

You do not want anyone. ANYONE. Borrowing your books. How do you politely tell people nope when they ask?
I find it hard to tell people 'no' (the Canadian in me, or just the people-pleaser?). So, I'd probably lend them the book. But I would first go full-on crazy person and demand that they not do this this this this or this to my baby and I will hunt you down in your nightmares until the day you die if you bend the cover or get food on anything you've been warned. Enjoy!

Reading ADD. You’ve picked up and put down 5 books in the last month. How do you get over your reading slump?
I was about to say, "Do people actually DO this??" when I remembered those three bookmarked books. So, to get over a reading slump......just find a book that you really want to read, and perhaps have wanted to read for some time, and don't pick up any other books until that one is done. Idk. XD

There are so many new books coming out that you’re dying to read! How many do you actually buy?
My dad likes to shop on Amazon. Loves it, actually. So easy. So if I have something that I REALLY REALLY WANT (and both my birthday and Christmas are nowhere in sight), then I'll write it down for him, show it to him, and ask that, y'know...if you're on Amazon....makin' a purchase....and you maybe need something to up your total so you can get free can get this? THANK YOU DADDY LOVE YOU BYE. Or, if my birthday or Christmas IS (are?) in sight, I just write down everything I want on a list, and I'll get a few of them, anyway. ;D

After you’ve bought the new books you can’t wait to get to, how long they sit on your shelf before you get to them?
Usually, not very long. I'm not normally one to savor books, I just want to devour them. BUT, this year, I got three books for Christmas, and I've only read one of them, and that was only because my friend wanted to read it. She's much busier than I am, and a slower reader, so I ate it up so that she could take all the time she needed with it. Also, this way, we can discuss the stupidness of the love interest and how much we want to punch him in the face.


Since I wasn't tagged, I shall do no tagging. Rather, I shall invite all who want to participate, to steal these questions and cultivate your inner fiend. ;D


  1. XD These are awesome, especially the story about Farley! Sadness. But it's cool that you are a book-devourer, because that is awesome, and also lucky you for having a dad who likes to shop on Amazon. XD It's birthdays and holidays for me, all right. :) (But believe me, the reading slump is real.)

    1. I WAS SO SAD!!! DX haha and yeah, dad probably does TOO much Amazon shopping! lol but he gets cool stuff most of the time, so it's ok. XD aww! I hope you find some good books to read, and can get over your slump! :D

  2. Oh I loved this!! SO GLAD YOU STOLE IT. You are an epic tag thief. *nods* Omg but yes that is a great way to get new books. And really, you're helping your dad, right?? Helping him get up to the free postage mark! *nods* You are just so wonderful and kind. ^_^
    I've tried similarly on my dad and it doesn't work. -_-

    1. Hehehehe! *steeples fingers and grins* Yes, I am wonderful, thank you. XD and LOL thats too bad, but on the other hand, you get so many ARCs and gifts and whatnot, you don't even have time for the books you DO buy! XD

      UUNNNFFF I KNOWW! But the only thing worse than having them not match would be shelving them out of order to make them look better. o.0

  3. Ugh, I hate it when the books don't match. I have five million books from a detective series, and they're all from different printings so they never match up and it bugs me so bad when I try to shelve them. I'm like you when it comes to new books. Normally I won't let them sit on the shelf for long before I actually read them. I get way excited about my books. Occasionally it's hard to get to them quickly though, isn't it? Especially when there are a lot of library books that need to be first. Oh the troubles of an avid reader, hey?

    1. Uuggghh I can picture that and it's making me twitch. o.0 X)

      Yes! Normally they're gone super quick! But this time, I just want to savor the feeling of having a book you're excited about, and anticipating that first read. ^.^ haha I haven't gone to the library in a while, actually...I should do that soon. XD

  4. I too have books that don't match and it kills me a little inside to see them. Sometimes I put a little something under the books to make the heights line up, haha.

    Also, the Farley story, lol I feel your pain.

    1. haha genius! and It was traumatizing, Sunny. XD

  5. I'm glad you like tags because I've just tagged you in one! (

    Do you mean you have 43,000 books in your TBR????!!!

    1. OMG TAGS YAY!!! Thank you!! :D

      AHAHA no~o~ot quite. XD