Saturday, 20 September 2014

Welcome, and a Bit About Me

Hello! And welcome to this, my blog. My outlet for all things writerly and otherwise random. I shall be posting here with my own interpretation of "regularity," but for the time being, lets just start with some basic information, yes?

First off, I should tell you a bit about myself. My name is Rachel, I live in Canada, and I am an aspiring teen writer. 

I've been writing books my entire life, usually (but not always) in the fantasy genre. I actually made a list of all the books I can remember writing (more on that list--and my love of lists in general--later). There were 20 that I could remember. That didn't seem like a lot, until I remembered that I'm only 19 years old, and there tends to be months in between my writerly bouts. So yeah. Maybe that still doesn't seem like a lot to you, but take comfort in the fact that I KNOW I'm forgetting some. 

I made this blog because, recently, I've felt like I needed a place to put my thoughts on writing, even if it's just a short observation on plotting versus pantsing, or a two-page long rant on how my characters are JUST NOT BEHAVING THEMSELVES GET OUT OF THAT TREE WHAT ARE YOU DOING UP THERE!?!!


So yes, this blog will basically be a sporadic glimpse into my mind and my storyworlds. Even if no one ever reads this blog, even if posting here is just a SHOUT INTO THE VOID (The Fault in Our Stars reference whoops), I think I'll have fun posting here. If you're seeing this, well then . . . I hope you have fun reading it, too. 


  1. lol Rach, I love that your back to blogging:P I missed reading your blogging/writing voice!

    1. hehe! Thanks!! ^.^ I was looking at SHHB a while ago, and it was really humorous. XD

  2. Your blog is just a delight to read! I went through all of your posts but probably 'My first story' has got to be my favourite, maybe because it reminded me of the very first story I wrote!

    Kathie K

    1. Aw thank you!! :D And haha, we writers start early, don't we? ;) Thanks for stopping by! And following!!! :D