Friday, 26 September 2014

The Silent Type

I don't know what's going on with my main character. 2,955 words in (I know it's not a lot, I just started, shush), and only 49 of those words are his. Yes, I counted. What's more, 13 of those words are him parroting back a phrase he's heard a million times. 7 more are him stumbling over his own tongue and really not saying anything. So he's only said 29 words so far. I guess he's just not a talkative guy? Or maybe I just don't know him well enough yet. I have a feeling he'll perk up a bit more once I get him out from under his father's shadow. Maybe.

this came from pinterest, and before that...idk.

Ok, ignore the bird. The bird has nothing to do with anything. There is no bird. If you like trying to find a picture to capture the essence of your character, you'll know: . . . it's hard. But this is by far the best one I've come across for Rolf. But he doesn't have a bird.

UPDATE: no, he still doesn't have a bird. BUT, he just said five more words! WOOHOOO! LOL don't worry; I won't tell you every time he opens his mouth. That could get old. But tmw I'm going to write him having a conversation, if he'll cooperate. ;)


  1. I'm sure this guy has some interesting thoughts though, which makes up for not actually saying much. But I bet he opens up a lot in the future. And then you get all the fun of working out exactly what makes him tick. That's one of my favourite parts of getting to know a new main character. Also, that is an awesome picture.

    1. Well, so far he's been asking a lot of questions. To...himself.... Which is not very helpful. He'll get his answers soonish, though...maybe.... Hehehe. XD

      Characters are so much fun! Difficult, but fun. ;D

      Thanks! I thought it suited him. A little sad, a little brooding, a little hey-you-down-there-with-the-camera-come-help-me-find-my-way-out-of-this-forest-and-stop-fooling-around-and-get-this-bird-off-me!

  2. I knoooow the pain of trying to find the "perfect" picture to summarise a character. IT IS HARD. But when you find That Picture...omg, it is the best. ^-^
    I have a character that didn't say a single word until 50% into the book. He was narrating though, so like his thought process is there for everyone to see. XD BUT STILL.
    I hope Rolf opens up a bit more for you. ;)

    1. Its so much fun just to scroll pinterest or wherever and look at all the awesome people pics, and be like, "THAT WOULD BE AN AWESOME CHARACTER!"
      LOL that sounds both hilarious and frustrating at the same time. XD
      Thanks! He's getting there. I just have to bring him out of his bubble (literally. The whole city is in like, this sphere-like shield.) HA!