Saturday, 20 September 2014

The List of Every Book I Can Remember Starting

Because dang flabbit, I just love lists! They make me feel so organized . . . so calm . . . so in control . . . so put-together! *purrs in delight*

Ok, so, I should also mention, I'm TERRIBLE at titles. My good friend *cough* Sunny (you can find her here at A Splash of Ink) once told me that it's often a good idea to wait until the end of your story before naming it, so you can think of the best name possible. Sounds good to me, except--as mentioned in my last post--I've never actually made it to the end of a manuscript. As a result, my titles are somewhat . . . lacking.

Also, you might be asking yourself why I feel the need to post such pointless and personal information. To that, I say:
"Shhhhhhh. Don't ask silly questions, and don't question a silly mind."
So! Here it is, my list of halfhazzard stabs at a page.

1) That One I Wrote When I Was Four FINISHED (I assume)
2) Matthew Squeakly
3) Adventures in Tanthona
4) Philip and the Missing Artifact FINISHED
5) That One About Fairies
6) The Mysterious Man in Black
7) That One About the Invisible Island of Dragons
8) Destiny and Dakota (one I attempted with a friend who actually isn't even that into writing)
10) Another One with the Same Character as #9 That I Actually Don't Remember At All
11) The Ebony Book (I would often just refer to a book by it's main character)
12) One I Only Vaguely Remember
13) Joe and The Mysterious Mystery
14)Top Secret File
15) That Jeff One
16) The TOTALLY AWESOME (well kinda, while it lasted) Phoenix & Caden Book
17) The Adventures of Billy Bob (it was just a random little story) FINISHED
18) The Book (yes, that has been it's working title for like 5 years, possibly more. A joint effort between me and my two aforementioned friends.)
19) The Unnamed Book of Awesomeness (which turned into)
20) The Gypsy Story (which turned into)
21) Something of Stars (which turned into)
22) Basically the Same Book But With Key Differences.

So yes, right now I'm working on a story that has been completely recycled four times. Shush.

I'll go over all of them on here at some point (yes, even 9). Except 10, because as I said, I don't remember it at all. BUT I KNOW IT EXISTED ONCE UPON A TIME!! Also I don't know if I ever even started 15, but I plotted it in-depth. Also, some of these "stories" are LITERALLY JUST TWO SENTENCES. I excel at this whole writing thing, clearly.

Anyway, there they all are, all the writing attempts I can remember from over the years. This doesn't include fanfics, which we are never, EVER, going over.

This may not seem like a lot to you, but I tend to start on a story, work on it for a few months, then leave it for MONTHS AND MONTHS AND MONTHS, and then maaaaaaaaaybe do some more in it, leave it for a while more, and then chuck it and start plotting a new one. And I'll plot for maybe a month or two. And then the cycle starts all over. So based on that "routine", 22 book-starts in 19 years isn't too bad, hehe.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that peek into my brain, life, and writing routine. I know I enjoyed ranting about them, and will do again in the future! Now, as Tigger would say;

"TTFN! Ta Ta for now!"

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